Getting No-Credit Check Mobile Plan

If you wish to get a mobile plan for your specific needs, it is vital to think about a credit check that will help you get the best terms and rates available.

Generally, cell phone companies will check out whether you are making on-time payments on regular bills and other debts, meaning providers will analyze your score and history to determine the way you manage your finances. Visit this guide: to learn about choosing the best carrier.

For instance, if you enjoy shopping and wish to change a mobile device or plan you have. In that case, you need a good credit history. The main problem lies in the idea that you may not have a good credit score due to a few missed payments or defaults. Whatever the reason, we can differentiate a few methods for getting a phone plan with a lousy score.

Check Your Score

Before you make up your mind, it is vital to check out your credit history and score. For instance, getting a free copy of your report from different credit bureaus such as TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax are free once a year. On the other hand, you can visit an official website to get an online option.

When you decide to shop for the best cell phone for your specific needs, while you do not have a credit history due to age, you can choose different options. Still, when checking the score, you can determine that your report is not as bad as you thought, meaning you can get the relevant plan without choosing alternative providers or offers.

Therefore, if you can easily qualify for the relevant plan by using your credit score, you should do it as soon as possible to prevent potential issues that may hurt it altogether. Analyze how to make relevant improvements. For instance, reducing the credit utilization ratio is one way of doing it.

On the other hand, handling the excess credit card debt is another way to reduce the issues. Taking advantage of debt consolidation loans or personal debt is the way to streamline the payments and deal with the credit utilization ratio. For instance, you can use a foreign credit history to get a US mobile plan.

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Getting a cell phone without a credit check is not as simple endeavor, but following certain tricks can help you. Even if you have a lousy score, you can find a few ways to get a phone without a check.

How to Get a Plan with Low Credit Score?


Choosing other options apart from traditional plans with a mobile device company can help you obtain a no-credit-check plan. For instance, you do not have to think about checks and analysis when getting a prepaid phone plan, since you will pay for the service upfront. It is the perfect solution for people with lousy scores.

It means the service provider will not risk you. In some situations, prepaid plans are less expensive than standard options, especially because you do not have to sign a contract. It will provide you the flexibility of deciding whether you should switch from one provider to another.

You can do it without paying expensive fees. It is a perfect way to get plans without a credit check. Everything depends on the provider you choose, but the chances are high that you can get relevant benefits and rewards as a first-time user. Some providers offer prepaid-only plans, while large providers offer both options.

Family Plan

When you decide to choose a family plan, you can rest assured, because you can combine people with high scores with those that do not have histories at all. Most carriers within the plans will allow a primary holder to implement a few additional lines to the account. It means the primary holder will undergo a credit check, while other holders can avoid it.

As a result, family plan holders are responsible for payments, meaning you must make on-time payments to ensure the best course of action. In other situations, you can cause severe problems to both the credit and mobile devices of a holder.

That is why you should think twice before getting any plan. As soon as you check here, you can learn more about different plans and options.

Security Deposit

When choosing a reputable carrier, you can take advantage of cell phone plans without a credit check, which is vital to remember. However, you must make a specific deposit that will offer you peace of mind.

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It means you will pay for service upfront, instead of at the end of the cycle. As a result, you will not be a risk to a provider or carrier. Remember that credit can undergo a checkup to determine how much deposit you should put for using a specific plan. Security deposits depend on the provider you choose.


Another important consideration is getting a plan by finding a co-signer who will guarantee that you will handle each month with ease. It functions the same way as a loan, meaning someone with a good score will use their financial info and guarantee that you will repay everything on time. Their name will be on the account and contract.

The main disadvantage lies in the idea that co-signers will be liable for any missed or late payments, meaning their score will plummet in case you avoid paying on time. Therefore, you should handle the full amount and pay on time to prevent potential issues from happening.

Besides, the co-signer must repay the debt in case you cannot do it, which may cause a relationship strain between you two.

Use Foreign Credit History

As mentioned above, you should remember that providers will consider translating your credit score and data from countries such as the UK, Mexico, India, Canada, Australia, and many more. Therefore, US newcomers can share their past scores with the new area they reside in, which allows them to apply for credit products there.

Should You Buy a Smartphone from a Carrier?

Back in the day, the only way to purchase a mobile device in the US was through a specific provider or carrier. The process involved getting it for a small amount, while in return, you must sign a two-year agreement that will include monthly installments and a specific data plan.

This practice has continued, and nowadays, you can also get an expensive model without paying upfront, but choose a contract instead. Still, today, you have various options, meaning you can choose different areas for buying a cell phone. Generally, high-end models are highly expensive and can reach thousands of dollars and more.

Although most people across the globe still buy their phones from a provider, it is a sense of getting locked to a single carrier for the next two years. At the same time, you cannot choose other providers unless you take it for unlocking.

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Therefore, when you purchase a phone from a single provider such as Telenor, you must use Telenor SIMs. As soon as you pay it off, you can ask an over-the-counter service to unlock it, which will allow you to place other SIMs inside. Nowadays, it is straightforward to unlock the phone especially since you are using eSIM or SIM cards.

Another way is buying a phone directly from a manufacturer, meaning buying a Samsung device from their official website or store. They will be unlocked from the beginning, meaning you can take it to any provider and choose the plan.

Use the Mobile Device You Bought

It is as simple as it sounds. The carrier may give you a high-end phone you can use for the next few years, and continue using a SIM-only plan. Therefore, you may be satisfied with the device you got, because the phones are becoming more expensive as time goes by, meaning carrier options are more affordable than spending a lump sum.

In most situations, you can avoid paying interest rates, which is common when getting other financing deals. Besides, you will not pay additional fees, but only the amount you used for purchasing.

It means if you wish to stay at a specific carrier in the long run, then you have nothing to lose and you should ensure the best course of action. Another way is to pay off the phone early and switch to someone else when you decide to do it.

Convenient Solution

Another reason people choose carrier-backed phones instead of buying through a manufacturer is due to convenience and straightforward processes. Therefore, you can enter the store, show your ID and other documents, and determine the phone you can get based on your creditworthiness and other factors.

You can finish the buying process in a matter of minutes, which is way better than applying for a loan or choosing a manufacturer’s financing options. Of course, each option comes with certain benefits and disadvantages you should understand. No matter what you decide to choose, you should think about the ramifications beforehand.