7 Tips For Healthy Strong and Long  Hair

Who doesn’t want soft and healthy hair? We always dream about having beautiful hair like those models in TV commercials, don’t we? But what if I told you it is possible to get your dream hair? Yes, you read it right. You can now get healthy and shiny hair without going for any hair treatments.

7 Tips For Healthy, Strong and Long  Hair

Hair is one of the most noticeable features of a person. Good hair definitely enhances your look and boosts your confidence.

Here are a few tips from the doctors from the best hair clinics in Pune.

Balanced Diet

Healthy diet results in healthy hair. Protein strengthens the hair and also improves its quality.

Consuming a diet that’s short in proteins and vitamins leads to brittle and weak hair. It also leads to discolouration and hair fall.

Foods rich in protein and vitamins should be consumed for best results. Since eggs, green leafy vegetables, berries, beans, low-fat dairy products, and nuts should be included in the daily diet as they are good sources of the nutrients required for healthy hair.

Oiling the scalp

The strength of our hair majorly lies in the scalp. Stronger scalp reduces hair fall. Oiling your scalp frequently fills the void created by lack of nutrients. Not only does the oil nourish the scalp, but it also strengthens the scalp.

Regular application of oil reduces discolouration and increases the life of our natural hair colour. It is recommended to oil your hair at least 2- 3 times a week. Oiling the hair frequently helps in its growth. Use almond oil, coconut oil or other natural oils for good benefits.

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Hair washing habits

Washing your hair more than required makes it dry. Hair and scalp have natural oils in them, which makes your hair stronger and shinier. Frequent washing of the hair damages these oils and makes it look frizzy and dry. The scalp loses its moisture making it itchy and dry.

Avoid washing more than once in a day. And also, it is advised to not wash the hair daily. Wash the hair with lukewarm water twice or maximum thrice a week.

Heating devices

The straighteners and curling devices that you use for flawless hair actually damages your hair. Even if you use a heat protectant, these styling devices will still leave an impact on your hair. Air drying your hair doesn’t damage the natural moisture or oils present in the hair.

Blow dryers also release heat that leads to dehydration of the scalp. It is advised to avoid heat styling devices as much as possible. Natural techniques for curling and straightening or heatless devices can be used.

Proper brushing

Brushing has a crucial role in hair fall. Always start brushing from tip to scalp. Detangle the tips first and then slowly move upwards. Usage of wide-toothed comb reduces hair fall. Also combing or brushing on wet hair should be avoided completely. Wet hair can break much faster than dry hair.

Too much combing can cause huge damage to the hair. Frequent combing leads to an increase in friction that results in rough and frizzy hair. It might also result in breakage of the hair.

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Be gentle on your hair

Tight hair ties and hairstyles result in breakage and hair loss. Usage of clips regularly in the same places also causes breakage. Do not sleep with open hair or ponytails. Go to bed with a loose braid or loose bun, this reduces friction and knotting of hair. It is recommended to redo your hair every day before going to bed.

Right shampoos and conditioners

Your choice of shampoos and conditioners have a great impact on the quality of your hair. A single type of hair product is not made for everybody. Even if the products have good results for the majority of the people, they need not have the same effect on you. Choose your hair products based on your hair type.

Conditioning your hair makes it shiny and frizz-free.

It is recommended by the doctors from the best hair clinics in Pune to condition your hair regularly to reduce breakage and hair loss. Conditioner helps lock the moisture and retains the smoothness. It should be applied only to the hair and not the scalp. Conditioner makes the scalp oily. Shampoos and conditioners that are suitable for your hair type should be used for healthy and strong hair.


Are these tips too difficult to follow? No, right? These simple tips will help you achieve the dreamy hair you always wanted. Taking good care of your hair is the only way to have healthy, long, and strong hair.

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