5 Types Of Ants That Are Likely To Be In Your Yard

Most of the time you probably don’t give much thought to the ants that are happily coming and going into your yard. Generally, they are too small to worry about and they don’t carry diseases in their bodies. However, this all changes when the ants start entering your home or when their nest becomes big enough that it’s risky going near it.

That’s when you need to understand the different types of ants you are likely to find in your garden. It will help you to decide when to call your local pest control specialist and get the problem dealt with.

1.Fire Ants

If you’ve ever seen a bright red ant in your garden then you’re looking at a fire ant. These small insects pack a powerful punch. Their bite carries a venom that isn’t dangerous to humans but is going to feel like you’ve just been burned. The bite will also be extremely itchy.

These ants are generally one-fifth of an inch long although the queen is usually bigger. It’s important to note they tend to attack together, meaning you can end up with multiple bites.

If you see a nest in your garden you can learn more info about your local specialists.

2.Argentine Ants

These ants are slightly larger than fire ants and have a paler color, brown bordering red. They are actually comparatively harmless as they don’t sting and their bite is much less annoying or painful than a fire ant. That doesn’t mean it’s a pleasant experience and you’ll want to get rid of them from your yard as soon as possible.

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3.Carpenter Ants

These ants are unusual in that they like to make their homes in wood. Although they don’t eat the wood they will tunnel through it to create their nests. This has the same effect as termites, damaging and weakening the wood.

These ants are easy to spot as they are often one-inch long. They won’t generally bite a human but the fact that they can do serious damage to the wood in your home is enough reason to get rid of their nest click here .

4.Field Ants

Field ants are also known as Formica and they are usually between one-eight and a quarter of an inch long. They may be brown, black, red, or even yellow and they are attracted to sweet things. That’s why you may find these inside your hand.

These ants do bite and it can be surprisingly painful. They are also capable of spraying acid from their abdomen. If they see you as a threat they will spray and the acid can be highly irritating.

5.Black Ants

Pest control arlington heights are probably the most common type of ants. As the name suggests, they are black and they measure less than one-eighth of an inch. They like sweet foods and are commonly seen in most yards across the country. They become more of a nuisance when they enter your home.

They can’t do any real harm to you but a sting or a bite will hurt, it just won’t be in the same league as the fire ant.

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