5 Proven Ways To Access Blocked Websites From Anywhere In The World

Isn’t it exasperating that you cannot access or view the website you want?

– And, why do some websites get blocked in the first place?

Most organizations believe that some websites are dangerous to visitors because they host malware. These malware attacks have the capacity to infect the user’s system and damage all the system contents.

Furthermore, it creates a crack in your security policies that allow hackers to break into your system and access your personal information and other sensitive data.

The Fuss Over Blocked Website

Website blocking has always been a controversial topic since its unfolding, and there are good reasons for both for and against it.

The defender opines that the schools must protect the children from getting access to obscene and harmful content invading their privacy. While on the other hand, the protesters believe that it is an attack on the student’s liberty and inventiveness.

While talking about the workplace, bosses fear that accessing unprofessional websites would affect the employees’ productivity.

While websites are blocked for any reason, the reason that contributes the most to blocking websites is the security factor.

Proven Ways To Access Blocked Website

There are many reasons why a website is blocked on the premises. However, blocking the website doesn’t mean you cannot access it. Well, certainly, you cannot access it by normal means, but you can certainly do so by the methods we are about to list below.

1. Use VPN

VPNs are best to access blocked websites and web content. It provides you anonymity by creating a private network from a public network. In addition, it hides your IP address making all your online actions practically invisible.

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VPNs are mostly used to access websites that are banned in a particular region. For instance, The Pirate Bay is a torrent website banned in most nations. However, using VPN, you can easily access it.

2. Extension To Rescue

Web extensions are also a good way to access blocked or banned websites. Web extensions act as a bridge to connect the users with the VPN servers. These extensions allow the user to access VPN services without having VPN software in the system.

3. Use The Website Mobile Version

Most blocking services do not block mobile versions of the website or webpage. Most of the websites that are blocked or banned have mobile alternatives. You can use the mobile version of their website to access the content.

Now, the real question is to access the mobile version of a website. Here is the solution.

Type ‘m.’ between the ‘www.’ and website name. The corresponding domain name of the website will be visible. You can now visit it and use it on the go.

4. Use Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are another method to access blocked websites and web pages. You must be wondering what these proxy servers are? Well, proxy servers are also known as mirror servers. They are created looking exactly the same as the main website.

So, when the main website is blocked or banned, people can use the proxy website to access the content.

5. Convert Pages To PDFs

You will need to sign up for this method to work. However, it is certainly worth it. There are plenty of services available online which convert websites to PDFs.

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This really helps to access the content of a particular website or web page that has been banned in your region.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to access banned adult websites, restricted pages for research, or want to watch youtube videos in school, the methods mentioned above will help you.

You might find a long list of different methods claiming to offer a solution and compare it with our list of solutions. However, before you make any assumptions, let us tell you that the methods listed above are all tried and tested.

Just pick any methods and try to access blocked websites and restricted content; you will be able to access it.

That being said, if you believe that there are other methods that work equally well, suggest us in the comments section.

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