Many people get interested in owning a dog. It’s been considered man’s best friend for many years.  There are a lot of different dog breeds that people can choose, depending on their preferences. However, one of the most favorite dogs of many is the Chihuahua. It’s the smallest dog breed around the world.  

3 Gadgets To Help You Raise A Chihuahua

Chihuahuas weigh around one to three kilograms and stand up to five inches. They have round and big eyes with tapered muzzles. People consider them as lapdogs and find them so loyal to their owners. Chihuahuas are so playful by nature, and they love to get attention from their owners and other dogs of the same breed. 

Owning a Chihuahua has been so exciting, but it hasn’t been so easy. Thanks to technology, many inventions come to existence to help owners raise their dogs properly. Read the details below to find some facts about Chihuahua and learn how to raise one. 

An Aggressive Little Dog

Chihuahua is a lovable tiny dog, but it’s considered one of the most aggressive dogs. When it’s exposed to your friends who aren’t familiar with your pup, chihuahua tends to be aggressive and keep on barking. There are still more chihuahua facts that you may not know yet. When your pet sees other dogs outside its breed, it appears to be so combative. 

Hence, you have to expose your dog often to the crowd of people and other dogs as well. Having a regular visit to the nearest park in your area will help your fluffy buddy acquire an attitude of being sociable and friendly. However, it’ll be a little bit hard for you to keep an eye on your dog all the time. Putting a leash is the best solution.

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CARLOS the smart leash is the latest and innovative technology dog leash. It offers a lot of features to give you convenience and peace of mind while having a fun walk at the park with your little dog that’s so aggressive and playful at the same time.

CARLOS the smart leash is visible at night since it emits light in dark locations. The technology has a feature to keep fleas, mosquitos, and other insects away from you and your dog. One of the most exciting features of this innovative invention is storing data of your dog’s walks every day and giving you weekly and monthly health statistics according to your pet’s breed, weight, and age. 

Life Expectancy 

Its typical life expectancy is about fourteen years. However, you want to live with your dog longer than that. As a certified dog lover, you only want the best for your dog. The healthy food you give to the most comfortable bed you provide is the range of care you always show to your furry pet. 

Besides vitamins and other food supplements you give to your dog, there’s also a technology that is solely invented to promote your pet’s health. Petrics is a smart pet bed that has been introduced to the market recently. It keeps track of your dog’s weight and hours of rest taken in a day. 

The innovative pet bed has a feature of controlling the temperature inside to ensure that your dog receives the best weight ranges and gets the best temperature for the breed, age, and other defining attributes. 

It allows you to monitor the temperature using the thermostat for cooling and heating, depending on the climate and geographical location. Chihuahuas can’t stand at low-temperature room because they tend to quiver and often shake their bodies to stay warm. Hence, this monitoring feature is so much of great help to your little pups. 

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The Petrics technology comes with a Health and Nutrition App that you can download on your smartphone to monitor your dog’s current health condition. Hence, you would know if your furry friend feels unwell so you can apply the necessary steps to respond to your dog’s health needs to avoid complications. However, if it seems severe, you better contact a vet near you for assistance.  

Molera Chihuahua

Molera is an opening part of the dog’s skull. It occurs because the frontal and the parietal bones didn’t fuse successfully. Most of the newborn puppies have molera on their heads, but it’ll be closed as their bodies develop and mature. However, approximately eighty to ninety percent of the Chihuahua population has molera as part of the dog’s anatomical structure.

It’s a soft spot at the top-center of the dog’s head in a circular or diamond shape. In fact, having a molera is a manifestation that a dog is a pure Chihuahua breed. The purpose of molera is to allow the puppy’s head to pass easily through the birth canal. Since the female Chihuahua struggles to give birth because of its size, the molera temporarily squeezes the puppy’s head to pass through the birth canal. 

A Chihuahua with molera might be involved in an accident due to being active and playful, such as jumping on and off the furniture, running under your feet, and other frisky and risky activities. When you plan to have outside activities or go on vacation with your dog like hiking or camping, your little pup may be in danger. 

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3 Gadgets To Help You Raise A Chihuahua

However, protective padded headgear for pets has been invented to help your dog. The headgear is intended for dogs with special needs like blind dogs or dogs with epilepsy and other health problems. The protective hat casing is removable, and it’s thick and wide, depending on your dog’s head measurement. It’ll surely help you protect your Chihuahua’s head. 

It also has a strap made of nylon webbing that is so safe with a sturdy and durable release buckle. There’s also another strap at the back of the head that loops around the collar to keep the protective hat in a proper position. Either you go camping or other outdoor activities, this protective headgear will surely be of great help to protect the molera on your Chihuahua’s head. 


Raising a dog has been so exciting and challenging at the same time. As many people find the joy of raising Chihuahuas, they also see to it to provide the comfort of life to their little pups. The things discussed above are only a few of those facts about Chihuahua that you might not know yet.

If you’re planning to own Chihuahuas in the future, you can search on the internet for more facts about the dog breed, so you would know how to raise them carefully. You can also look for new innovative pet technologies available in the market to help your task be easy and convenient, just like the ones we suggested. 

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