Things to know about dental veneers

A smile gives greater confidence in life. It can improve the visual appearance and has numerous fabulous life-changing benefits. Only a healthy mouth can give these gifts. A healthy mouth gives a healthy smile. By achieving oral health and desired look, one could feel the difference in the approaches of people. Porcelain veneers provide a possible solution for these troubles. 

What is a dental veneer?

A dental veneer, also known as a porcelain veneer, is a thin, custom made coating that dentists place in front of the teeth to improve the appearance. People might have stained, damaged or uneven teeth, which can affect their self-confidence. Dental veneers can ‘cover’ these self-esteem issues by designing customized fittings. These problems include:

1) discolouration

2) chips and decay

3) gaps between the teeth

The appearance of the teeth is improved by using dental veneers. In addition, it is helpful for long-term cosmetic concerns- for those teeth of people who did not react to dental treatments like braces and teeth whitening. 

Types of veneers

Veneers are made of two components. Dentists choose the best material according to the teeth of the patient. Two types of veneers are:

1) Composite resin veneers

It is made from a tooth-coloured stuffing substance bonded to the tooth. Here, few tooth enamels are removed to put on the coating. Since it is a less time-consuming process, only a few clinic visits are needed. Also, composite resin veneers cost less, and it could be fixed easily if it is damaged. The dentist chooses the best colour for the patient after the teeth are reshaped. Then, he bonds the composite substance according to the paint. Next, the laser is used to harden this composite material. In the final step, veneers are polished to get a natural look. 

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2) Porcelain veneer

It is a thin cap that is placed on the tops of the teeth. The dentist will peel off some enamel before placing the veneers. It would be the same colour as the natural teeth, and veneers generally whiten the teeth. Compared to resin-based composite, this technique tends to offer a more natural look, and it will not stain over time. It lasts around 20years. It won’t chip or fracture over time and also covers more malformed teeth. 

The dentist removes some enamel from the front teeth. Enamel from the front and side teeth is removed to make a natural look on the cap. The dentist will take an impression of the teeth. The dentist decides the colour of the veneer according to the complexion and smile of the patient. This impression is used to customize the porcelain veneers. It is sent to a dental lab and would take some days. People would provide temporary veneers during this period. After the completion of the veneer making, dentists check its fitting and make adjustments. After cleaning the teeth, veneers are attached to the enamel.

Aspects that one should note before the treatment 

1) take the treatment only if the teeth and gums are healthy. If they are not, take medication for them before getting the veneers. 

2) Be ready to take care of the veneers. It might become loose over time. Then, consult a dentist without any hesitation. 

3) Go for veneers only if the patient is sure about it. Once the enamels are removed, there is no choice of halting the process. 

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4) Regular dental visits could keep the smile healthy and brightest.