The growing digitized platforms of e-commerce has also entered the periphery of tenders and procurement and that has led to mostly every government platform to inculcate and create a separate tendering portal of their own on the internet. Though this makes the process easier for both parties, it also brings certain issues for inexperienced and novice players. Every firm prioritizes growing its client pool, yet smaller enterprises sometimes overlook the numerous prospects presented by governmental contracting. This is especially true in the remote regions of Odisha and Jharkhand, to name a few.

In Jharkhand, which is a resource-rich state, many businesses are misguided and do not find opportunities to generate revenue but after the launch of e tender Jharkhand portal, many businesses had made full utilization of the resources and entered into contracts with the government. However, as we all know, when it comes to the government websites, the loading time is sometimes too long and the process is so layered that it gets difficult to even find the best opportunities, let alone be bidding for one.

If rules were made clearer, many micro ventures, SME companies, and collaborative venture companies would be able to meet the standards for state contracts rather than only a confined number of major corporations.

This is where tender aggregators like BidAssist can actually assist. The website has dedicated web pages for e tender Jharkhand listings that can be found by simply typing Jharkhand or Jharkhand tender in the search bar. Here you will find all the active tenders that are there in Jharkhand to bid.


There are many possibilities available through open acquisition, therefore it’s critical to differentiate yourself from the rivalry by outlining your distinctive talents and competencies in the offer to improve your odds of being considered. The unique goods and services company can provide the state should be highlighted since creativity is the only way to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Sourcing executives are searching for vendors who are both affordable and guarantee high value. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a proposition that will pass the MEAT test and provide the most return for your goods and services.


The parameters in the Contract terms discuss the needs of the official agency and everything the providers should anticipate from them. Prior to actually submitting your proposal, make certain that you fully comprehend the qualification requirements for the assessment and grading methodologies in addition to all the relevant factors.


Enterprises must ensure they devote enough efforts to clearly state the suitability to satisfy the standards and highlight their strengths, and not just only possess a thorough grasp of the state institution. A strong supplier consumer connection can increase overall likelihood of succeeding and may be established with a well-written offer document.


Prior to writing the tender proposition, take following ideas into consideration.

– Conduct analysis on the governmental agency to examine the difficulties they confront.

– Analyze the strengths and limitations of the rivals to create a recommendation that will stand out from the crowd.

– Think about incorporating value-for-money solutions and products

– Check for errors in the bidding offer to make a good impression on the purchaser.


The conditions for public contracts include things like having the technological and skilled know-how to complete the agreement as well as meeting the monetary and budgetary needs of the governmental institution. To advance in the auction phase, firms must give special heed to the varied deal allocation factors of governmental entities.



It is sometimes challenging for SMEs to take advantage of public contracting possibilities due to the stringent qualifying requirements of governmental tendering. To achieve the qualifying standards and significantly grow their firm, it is highly advised to collaborate with different companies.


Numerous state agencies post numerous procurement openings on different platforms.

Monitoring of the different options which are available in the marketplace is practically unfeasible for tender coordinators, vendors, and consultants. Tender infomediaries like BidAssist offer specialized resources to their users together with solutions like Sourcing Insights, Marketplace Assessments, Proposal Counseling, and Guidance. This information on potential Auction chances which fit their expertise are provided.

For example if you’re an SME in a state like Odisha and want to find the best opportunities online in PWD department, you can go to the BidAssist portal, open the search bar and type Odisha e tender or PWD tender Odisha and you will get the whole list of active Odisha e tenders available online. In addition, you can also follow tenders of your choice so that you don’t miss any relevant news or notification.


In order to obtain the deal with the best chance of success, state bidding calls for a coordinated approach and collaboration. It is crucial to ensure you submit an offer seeking projects which are in line with company qualifications and strengths. State agencies often issue auction possibilities for tendering supervisors, and vendors.


Each deal provides expertise and understanding that may be used to build your upcoming strategy. Either you succeed in the attempt or fail, be certain to ask for advice and share it across the crew to identify your areas of expertise and potential weakness.

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Other than these above mentioned terms and trips, it is also important to understand the psyche or the intention of a tender evaluator or examiner who approves a submission. So we also need to keep in mind the points that they will consider to deem your proposal as an ideal match for their requirements. When purchasing products and services for the general public, government procurement professionals work to maximize value for money. The procurement team may choose the best candidate from the pool of candidates by using a weighted criterion that takes into account cost, quality, and experience. The Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) method is used to choose the best offer from the pool of submissions based on aspects that are pertinent to the contract’s scope. When choosing which bid proposal to accept, the company considers factors including cost, quality, and technicality. The guiding idea behind the selection of tenders based on a variety of criteria is to pick the tender proposal that best suits the project’s most crucial components. The proportional relevance of each criterion to satisfy the requirements of the government project is determined by the weight assigned to that criterion. Performance, Cost – based pricing, Innovation, Stylistic and Operational Qualities, Availability, Interpersonal Qualities, Sustainable Characteristics, Advanced Characteristics, After-Sales Service and Technical Assistance are the criteria on which bids are evaluated in MEAT evaluation. Delivery duration, procedure, and date are also important considerations.

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