Addiction to drugs can be easily overcome these days. No matter what drug you are addicted to, be it alcohol, cocaine, or even prescription drugs like fentanyl, you can get free of them by getting into drug rehab. There are plenty of rehab centers that have sprung up across the country and only a handful of them can be called up to the mark. Of the few good ones, Nova Recovery Center at Austin, Texas can be called the best for a lot of reasons. Here are a few of them,

Nova Recovery Center is A Top-Rated Facility in Austin

Nova Recovery Center is a fully equipped facility that provides treatments for all addictions. The facility uses a holistic approach towards addiction and uses various treatment methods to assist its patients. There are various therapies available here, and they are conducted through experienced psychiatrists. Apart from therapies, there are also counseling sessions, both for the individuals and their families. The group therapies are the most important treatment methods used to help patients heal. They open them up to various people’s perspectives and assure the patients that they are not alone in the process.

High Percentage of Successful Recovery After Treatment

The drug rehab center has been operational for over a decade and it has cured thousands of people over the period. The center’s track record in success cases has been high too. This is due to the systematic treatments provided to the patients during their stay. You can be assured you will be cured by the time you leave the center. If in case you need further assistance after your inpatient program is complete, you can always opt for the outpatient program. Through this, you can attend weekly meetings and counseling from your home on a regular basis and continue your sobriety all through your life.

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Nova Recovery Center Provides Prompt Medical Intervention if Needed

The center primarily uses therapies and counseling for curing the patients. Medical intervention is done only when necessary and not compulsorily. Hence, you need not worry if your rehab will involve a lot of medications and unnecessary procedures. Addiction is a mental state and it has to be addressed through psychological treatments only.

The NRC also makes the stay and food very comfortable for its patients. It does so through its luxury drug rehab. You get premium amenities like private rooms, chef prepared meals, and more during the 90-day program. You can opt this if you need private time during your recovery.

Easy to Pay Affordable Fees And Availability of Insurance

The cost of all this is low too. Nova Recovery Center charges less than other rehab centers and the quality it provides for the cost is very high. You can use your insurance to cover your fees too. The center has tied up with many leading insurance providers to cover drug rehab expenses. You can check if your insurance will cover it or not by calling the Nova Recovery Center’s office anytime. The center also gives urgent care for any drug related emergency problems too.

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