Fun Beer Mixes that You Should Try Right Now


Australia is one of the smallest continents and one of the biggest countries in terms of land area. And because of its geographical size, the country has a wide variety of climates. Australia is a continent that holds the record for the hottest extended region year-round, the highest sunshine duration, and the hottest summer climate. This affects Australians’ culture and behaviour when it comes to drinking. 

Australia’s climate is suited for drinking cold beer rather than other booze or beverages. While it is one of the top producers of wine globally, you’ll find most people enjoy drinking a refreshing, cold beer. If you love beer, you may also want to drink it differently. If you find a bottle of ice-cold beer fun and refreshing, how about trying a glass of beer mixed with something else?

Technically, these mixed drinks made with beer are not cocktails. It is called beer mixed drinks or beertails. No matter what you want to call it, your favourite Australian beer is perfect for these mixes. If you are curious about these beertails, below are some of the top mixes you can do at home: 


This is one of the most famous bar drinks that feature beer. The iconic Michelada is a spicy way to give your favourite beer a new twist. Michelada only needs some basic kitchen ingredients into your favourite beer. Including a little lime, Worcestershire and soy sauces, and a kick of the hot sauce – this is a fun and easy recipe that you can make. 

Black and Tan 

Almost everyone has a noticeable spoon hanging from their beer tap. While it may look somewhat odd, this spoon serves a specific purpose. It is used to mix Black, and Tan beer mixed drinks. Using the spoon, you can create different layered beer drinks, and one of the most popular is Black and Tan. This mix only has two ingredients: half a pint of ale or any regular beer on a glass, topped with a darker Guinness Stout layer. It looks fantastic, tastes good, and easy to pour once you learned the trick. 

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Summer is not complete without a tall glass of Shandy. You are missing a fantastic treat if you haven’t enjoyed this with your light beer. This is the most basic mix of Shandy. It only consists of an equal blend of lemonade and beer. This is a simple recipe, yet, you can try this in almost any beer, except the darker ones. 

Watermelon Beer 

Watermelon is a refreshing fruit. Mix it with a cold beer, and you can create a thirst-quenching beer mixed drink. This type of shandy cocktail only needs three ingredients: vanilla simple syrup, watermelon, and beer. 

Spicy Pineapple Shandy 

Experience a relaxing visit on a tropical island by enjoying a glass of spicy pineapple shandy. This is a pineapple-beer mix along with tequila, jalapeno simple syrup, and lemon. 

Basil-Rosemary Orange Shandy 

This beertail is an awesome summer drink. You need an orange juice that is sweetened by basil-rosemary simple syrup mixed with a lager in this drink. 

Corrido Prohibidos 

While the name of this beer mixed drink is somewhat intimidating, Corrido Prohibidos is a simple and refreshing drink. This is the perfect drink if you can choose between taking a shot of tequila or chugging a bottle of beer. 

To make this beer mixed drink, all you need is a shot of blanco tequila and beer. Just mix the two beverages in a glass rimmed with salt. There is still a lot of beer mixed drinks or beertail to explore and try out there. And the awesome thing about it is, you can always use your favorite Australian beer to create these drinks. This is one of the best ways to impress your house guests, so make sure that you have the ingredient on their visit! 

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However, you have to remember that too much alcohol is not good for your health, so make sure you drink in moderation.