Forrester Wave Streaming Analytics Report 2021

Streaming analytics, frequently called event stream processing, is the modern solution for analyzing big data in real-time. With outdated legacy frameworks, computers would have to wait between each step in an event chain to receive a response from a connected computer (this was called request/response architecture), but this approach is simply too time-consuming for modern needs. These days, it’s important for computers and analytics systems to be able to move on to other tasks throughout the event stream. This is made possible through the ability to send continuous queries instead of having to wait on a response for each one.

Forrester Wave Streaming Analytics Report 2021

The advantages of streaming analytics are as numerous as they are crucial for any organization looking to maintain a competitive advantage. Strengths include the ability to use a combination of historical data and real-time data in predictive analytics to foresee industry trends and customer behavior. It’s also possible to use GPS trackers and IoT-enabled sensors in the supply chain for more efficient fleet management.

Big data streaming analytics also makes it possible to collect all the information in your enterprise databases in one intelligence platform, so you’ll know that all your data is both accurate and up-to-date. Yesterday’s data won’t do you much good in such a fast-paced world, after all. You may be wondering how you can choose from analytics providers to find the one who matches your needs and can take your business to the next level. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to determine this.

Introducing Forrester Research


The Forrester Wave Streaming Analytics Report is compiled by Forrester Research, and it aggregates the 14 most important streaming analytics vendors and provides insights into their strengths. The Forrester Wave is based on a 22-criterion evaluation based on what each provider offers and how easy it is to use their tools.

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Information for the full report is collected via the participation of a lead analyst, research associate, vendor response team, and customer references. If a vendor chooses not to lend their active participation during the data gathering phase, Forrester continues with the evaluation, adhering to their Incomplete Vendor Participation Policy. The Forrester Wave’s methodology is made publicly available to ensure fair evaluations of all providers. Five days before the publication of each quarterly report, each evaluated vendor receives a courtesy preview report.

How TIBCO Stood Out in Q2


If you’re looking for a particularly strong performer to power your analytics solutions, you needn’t look any further than TIBCO software. In the Q2 2021 report, TIBCO was classified as an industry leader along with Microsoft, Google, SAS, and Oracle. No higher classification exists. Additionally, TIBCO achieved the highest possible score in development, enablement, and market awareness. TIBCO is aware of what analytics customers need out of their platform, and they’re happy to provide it in the most convenient package possible.

Application development with TIBCO is a breeze, thanks to their purely GUI development tools. This means no code is required, although experienced software developers and data scientists are free to add their own code at any time. TIBCO’s comprehensive real-time streaming data platform also integrates with the TIBCO Spotfire visual analytics solution. This means business leaders can easily make sense of complex data sets by using data visualization to transform the most relevant information into easily understandable charts and graphs.

It’s also easy to modify TIBCO Spotfire for better connectivity with your APIs and by transferring visuals from other programs. Its analytics are also powered by machine learning algorithms that can automatically pinpoint the most interesting data patterns in any data set, so you can explore them in more depth immediately. Best of all, there’s even a 30-day free trial for TIBCO Spotfire, so you can try out one of TIBCO’s most impressive solutions risk-free to see for yourself why they’ve been so praised this quarter and how they’ll be taking their success into Q3.

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