The extraction of PDF pages is about reusing some pages from a PDF document and separating them into a different PDF file. For this, you are going to need an online tool to extract PDF documents.

An excellent example of an online converter tool that can provide this kind of service is PDF Bear offers is the Extract Pages. It means it will clip the pages you want into a separate PDF file. Below the blue rectangular box where you can select or drag your PDF file, there is an option where you can choose to extract all pages or only selected pages.

PDF Bear’s Extract Page Tool

To extract PDF pages using their extract page tool, you need to visit PDF Bear’s website and look for the Extract pages tool and click it. When you redirect to the site, you can see the extract pages tool. Under these tools, you can find the instructions for your guide in extracting your PDF pages to a separate PDF file. 

The first step is to upload or drop your selected PDF file in the extract tool provided. You can also get your PDF documents from your Dropbox or Google Drive. After selecting your PDF document, you need to choose the specific pages that you want to extract from the selected file. 

The pages you have selected will be converted in just a few seconds, and you can start downloading or saving your extracted PDF file. Although PDF Bear will remove all the pages or copies you have uploaded and converted, they recommend that users delete the rest of the copies of your documents for their safety.

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Reasons to Choose PDF Bear’s Extract Pages Tool

It would be best if you chose PDF Bear’s extracting tool to quickly and safely remove your PDF pages. You will only need to select your PDF document for extraction and wait for it to complete in just a matter of seconds.

Installing or signing up to use their website is unnecessary since you will be able to avail of their PDF extract pages tool with the preferred browser of your computer or device. It is accessible not just by Windows users who can access their services, but also by Mac and Linux machine users.

Using their extracting tool will not make your document’s quality low since it ensures users that they will have the best quality in using their extract PDF pages tool and other services. They also make sure that the privacy of their users are safe in their hands.

Is PDF Bear’s Extract Page Tool Free?

You can access their extract pages tool for free anytime, but you will only be able to obtain fewer services. If you want to avail more of their services, you might want to subscribe to the PRO membership plans. With their subscription plans, you will be able to access as many services and tools as possible. 

The monthly subscription plan only costs 14.99 USD, while the annual program costs 99.99 USD. That means that if you subscribe to their yearly subscription plan instead of paying for the monthly plan, you can save in the annual plan way more than monthly.

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On top of your subscription, PDF Bear will offer you a free trial if you are a new subscriber or member. If you feel like backing out during the free trial period, you can cancel your subscription and get refunded.


If you are contemplating whether you should get the paid version or stick with the free version, you should go with the paid version since more exceptional services are never free. With PDF Bear, your subscription will be worth it because there are a lot of extraordinary services. However, it is still your choice if you rather stick with the free version.

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