Everything to Know About Argentina's Los Glaciares National Parks

Visiting Argentina should be on everyone’s bucket list; going to see the Los Glaciares National Parks while you are there is a must! This park is UNESCO listed, giving it a mark of approval as a must-view area. The park is full of rugged mountains and numerous lakes. The foliage is green and lush, and the wildlife does not disappoint.

Everything to Know About Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Parks

Before you can jump on one of Quasar Expeditions Patagonia tours to this outstanding national park, you need to find a few things out about it. We’re not going to hit you with a list of selling points; we are about to tell you all there is to know about Los Glaciares. Remove any distractions around you, and get ready to escape for a few minutes as you learn more about this fantastic landscape.

The Los Glaciares Brief

This national park can be found in the Santa Cruz province, located in the Southwest area of Argentina. The park consists of a National Reserve and a National Park and covers around 600,000 hectares. It was declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1981 and is a wonder of the world. Onelli, Perito, and Upsala Glaciers, all cow to the vast Lake Argentino. These are the main Glaciers that you don’t want to miss when you visit the area.

Glacier Perito Moreno

Perito Moreno is one of the main attractions when you visit Los Glaciares. This is considered the 8th natural wonder of the world, and there are a few things that may attract you to this awe-inspiring sight.

  1. Fresh Water: this is the third-largest water reserve in the world.
  2. Death: believe it or not, this heritage has claimed the lives of people who giant shards of ice have hit
  3. Rupture: every four years, the glacier reaches the shore of Argentino Lake.
  4. Scale: it’s over 3 miles in width and 240 feet above the surface.
  5. View the rupture: you can view the rupture in the afternoon as the sun warms the glacier with ice falling.
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Another glacier that is the main attraction is the Upsala glacier. And here are a few facts about it that you need to know

  1. Named after a Swedish University – this was the first University to sponsor glaciological studies.
  2. It is retreating by around 3 km from 2001.
  3. Responsible for the weird color of lake Argentino – it produces a milky green hue
  4. Feeds into Lake Argentino
  5. Largest Glacier in South America

Security and Management

When you’re touring such a large area, you want some security assurances. You should be perfectly safe here as there are enough technical staff, park rangers, and administrators. There is also a fire brigade just in case of a fire.


Most parts of the glaciers are becoming impossible to access as regular tourists. For climbers and mountaineers, however, they can access most parts of the park. Over the years, there has also been a restructuring of access to the park. That has been coupled with new walkway systems, restaurant services, and washrooms.

A Must Visit Destination

There is a lot to learn about this national park, but you have to visit it to see as much as possible. These are the main points about the park, including the attractive spots and world-class park management. But there is still the unknown, things you can only learn about the park by visiting, and that is what makes this a must-visit destination for anyone wanting to have an experience of a lifetime.

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