Cryptocurrency Convenience During

Nearly all sectors of the economy are grappling with the effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Money matters aside; everyday life is also not what it used to be. More hours indoors and more hours online has become the new norm for many.

Cryptocurrency Convenience During COVID 19

Limiting physical contact whenever possible is one of the measures that has been put forward to help curb the spread of the virus. One way you can do this is by shopping for your supplies online because handling cash or using your credit/debit cards at your local go-to store might help spread the virus.

The ongoing pandemic is also affecting learning and work. With most learning institutions closed, students have to continue with their studies online from home. Similarly, employees also have to work from home.

Whether you are studying or working from home through the pandemic, we can agree that having the things you need to be delivered to you will make your life a lot easier.

Home might be the new workplace. Knowing this, you should embrace both online shopping and cryptocurrencies, and here’s why. Currently, more sellers are choosing to deliver goods to their buyers while also encouraging them to pay for their purchases via online banking methods.

With cryptocurrencies, you can transact without exposing your banking information or personal data. You can also avoid hefty transaction fees—this resulting in significant savings. Digital currencies can also help you facilitate fast international money transfers while furthermore guaranteeing the safety of your funds.

Read on to discover how digital currencies can help you enjoy a whole new level of convenience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Bitcoin Gambling

Here is one thing you need to know if you are looking for activities to keep you entertained during the pandemic —online gaming doesn’t get better than bitcoin casino. You will be able to bet on sportsbook, casino, virtual, and e-sports games from the comfort of your house.

Sporting action has resumed across the five top football leagues in Europe; La Liga, EPL (English Premier League), Bundesliga, Serie-A, and Ligue 1. You can also bet on tennis, basketball, golf, rugby, and cricket competitions since these sports have resumed—with limited fan attendance.

You can also wager on live casino games using bitcoin on gambling establishments that accept cryptos. Retail casinos from Goa to Sikkim remain closed like the ones in other regions across the world.

Popular destinations such as the Deltin Royale which is in Goa are among the casinos that have stopped accepting walk-in clients during the pandemic. Hitting your favorite tables on these establishments might not be possible, but you could enjoy the brick and mortar casino atmosphere while playing on bitcoin gambling operators.

Players on these platforms can claim bonuses in cryptocurrency, which they can later cash out after meeting the bonus conditions. Unlike fiat/regular currency, cryptos’ price volatility results in their price fluctuations.

Consequently, the value of your cryptos might increase if you continue holding on to them. As you can see, betting using digital currencies is not only a safe or nice hobby, but it is also a convenient investment since your winnings have the potential of increasing in value.

Online Shopping Using Cryptocurrencies

Do you need fresh groceries? Want to order in? Or is your food supply down?  If your answers to these questions are yes, then we have some great news. You can order fresh food supplies from leading stores online, at the comfort of your home, then use cryptos to pay for your purchase. Be rest assured that the store employees adhere to set COVID-19 guidelines to ensure that your food arrives hot and free from contamination.

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You can also shop for new equipment or electronics from multiple online stores or from local stores that have an online presence using digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Food and electronics aside, you can also shop for clothes from leading online retailers and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Gaining access to the gym might not be a great idea during the Covid-19 pandemic since the equipment in such facilities is shared. Many online stores have affordable but high-quality tools that you can use to work out and stay fit during your extended stay at home.

Most of these stores accept online banking methods, and some of them accept popular cryptos like bitcoin. Finally, you should cut the trip to your local chemist for a refill of your prescription drugs if you can have them delivered to your home.

Online Courses and Classes

Spending your internet bandwidth on entertainment or staying informed during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is a great idea. But watching cat videos throughout the day is not, especially if you can learn something new about the things you love.

For instance, you could take up a short online baking course if you are in to making pastries or cookies. As for the baking supplies, you could order them online, pay for them using cryptos, then have them delivered to your house before you put on the baking apron.

Billions of eyes are staring at their screens all day searching for something new or uplifting to make them forget about how “grounded” their lives are due to the pandemic. This doesn’t sound good, but not to the ears of a content creator.

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So, if content creation is your thing and you are also a part of the DIY (do it yourself) community, it would be best to take online courses on how to improve your content or content creation process. The learning resources might consist of short guides/e-books or in video content, and you could use cryptocurrencies to pay for them.

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Gift Shopping

The fall is here. Bollywood and big companies like Apple and Sony have the world by its “balls” with their much-anticipated releases. The iPhone 12 is scheduled for release in November, just about the same time Sony’s ps5 will be hitting the market.

Some might call this a coincidence, but when we are certain that the holiday gift wrappings around the world will be filled with these gadgets, we can’t help but think that there is “more” to the “perfect timing.”

As you shop for gifts to remind your loved ones that you always have them at heart, remember that you can do it using digital currencies by shopping on stores that accept them. While some of the biggest retailers do not support cryptos, you could still shop on them using shopping vouchers bought using cryptos.

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