Every person has the right to be at any place despite their shortcomings. The same applies for those suffering from urinary incontinence that affects the bladder muscles of some people, leading to involuntary leakage.

Over five million people in Australia have issues related to incontinence; consisting of one in four people above fifteen years of age; out of this seventy, per cent don’t seek help. It can lead to a lack of confidence in general; in daily activities or participating in sporting events. However, with advancements in the fashion industry, there are suitable forms of clothing which aid in improving such situations. For instance, those who enjoy swimming but are scared to do so can look for incontinence swimwear in Australia, an easy alternative for a tension-free swimming experience.

In this article, let us look at some clothing hacks, which work well for people experiencing incontinence in Australia.

Comfortable Garments for Each Occasion

About 80% of people who have incontinence in Australia are women. Even though they have to be considerate of their situation, there is no need to compromise on comfort. Here are a few choices in clothing, for various occasions.

Swimwear: According to a recent study, swimming is the most popular sport in Australia, and most people swim as a form of recreational activity. However, people with incontinence often step back due to their situation. There exists incontinence swimwear in Australia that offers an effective solution to their woes. They provide a washable, reusable and leak-free swimming experience. It is available for people of all ages, and its multi-functional nature makes it apt to be worn while exercising or during hydrotherapy. They are not only affordable but also provide the confidence and comfort needed by a person suffering from incontinence to pursue what they love doing.

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Home and Casual Wear: There have been many additions to the wardrobe for those experiencing incontinence. While choosing the fabric, it is crucial to consider both the colour and the material. Go for patterns and darker hues to avoid attention. Their clothing collection should include apparel with zippers or buttons for easy removal, a necessity for older people; elastic waist culottes, slacks and basic sweatsuits are some examples. They always have to be a little loose to avoid visible imprints of any accidental leakage.

Summer Wear: Summers in Australia can be scorching and sweaty. It can be very uncomfortable if a person is not wearing the right clothes that aid in managing incontinence. Women with incontinence can go for an A-line or pleated mini skirt or a long, loose maxi dress. They work better in darker colours and patterns to cover up any mishaps.

Winter Wear: The winter clothing should ensure that air cannot get through the fabric, as it can induce leakage due to the cold. Spandex is the best material which can play a pivotal role in making the climate more tolerable and convenient for people experiencing urinary incontinence.


Among the people with incontinence in Australia, about ten per cent are men and thirty-eight per cent are women. The necessary clothing for any situation for a person with incontinence includes leak proof underwear and diapers. Comfortable clothing guarantees a physiological and psychological balance in one’s body and mind. The range of options available in incontinence wear in Australia ensures them that opportunity. For people with incontinence, protective clothing promises a tension-free experience, every day.

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