Causes and Types of Tire Damage

Tires are arguably the components of a vehicle that are most prone to damage. This is due to the presence of a lot of sharp and harmful objects on the road. As a result, it is usually a matter of when and not if, when it comes to tire damage. Knowing the type of damage done to your tire is necessary, in order to figure out a suitable solution. This article highlights the common types of tire damage and their causes. 

Common Types of Tire Damage and Their Causes

  • Puncture: A puncture is usually caused by sharp objects such as screws, shards of glass as well as nails. It can also be caused by cracks in the tarmac. A puncture occurs when the outer wall of the tire, is pierced by an object, be it a tarmac crack or a sharp object. A deep puncture comes with great risk, causing the loss of air pressure through the escape hole. This will then lead to loss of grip and/or reduced handling. Tire punctures are classified into two, which are slow punctures and rapid punctures. Punctures that are not too deep can be repaired by a professional.
  • Tire Wall Damage: The wall is an essential part of a tire. It is the outward part of a tire that surrounds its rim. The main function of the wall is to give the tire sturdiness and strength, withstanding the pressure that comes from moving fast. Due to its crucial function, tire wall damage renders the tire useless requiring quick replacement. This type of damage is usually caused by cuts and bulges. Bulges may be caused by mounting a curb wrongly or hitting a pothole. Cuts, on the other hand, are usually cut by sharp objects. 
  • Cracks: Another common type of tire damage is crack. Cracks usually affect the surface and walls of the tire. Crack can be anything from less than one millimeter to more than one centimeter in thickness. Cracks are caused by a wide range of conditions, that include wear and tear, UV rays as well as bad roads. Replacing a cracked tire is usually the safer option. 
  • Irregular Tread: When a tire has irregular treading, it is most likely caused by damage. There are different types of irregular treads that are classified based on their causes and location. Center wear affects the center of the tire and is caused by the over-inflation of tires. One-sided wear affects just one side of the tire and occurs when the tires on a vehicle are not aligned. Regular wear can also be caused by long-term usage of tires. 
  • Cuts: Cuts just like punctures are caused by sharp objects on the road. These objects cut through the outer wall of a tire causing damage. A cut is very similar to puncture and can damage the tire if it is too deep. 
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