7 Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

7 Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

The internet has transformed the way we shop, making it easier than ever before to research, compare, and buy just about any product from anywhere in the world. For many people with restricted mobility, young children, or particularly busy lifestyles, the ability to shop online is not just a convenience, but a necessity.

7 Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

Shopping in this way is easy, but can be a problem as it’s so easy to click ‘buy’ and lose track of how much we are spending, not just on the items but also the additional postage costs. Here are seven ways to save money when you are shopping online:

1.Research and compare before you buy

When we are shopping in stores, we can only see the price of the product in front of us, but other retailers may be offering the exact same product at a lower price. Without visiting all of them, we don’t know if we are getting a good deal.

A big advantage of online shopping is that it is easy to view products from several retailers in a matter of minutes without having to leave your couch. When you search for a product, take a few moments to check different websites so you can find a balance between quality and price.

2.Look for coupons

Digital coupons and discount codes are out there for many of the major brands, you just need to know where to look. With the right code, you can save a significant amount of money on your purchases. For example, an Amazon promo code is a great find as you can buy just about anything you need from Amazon.

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3.Try a price-tracking website

There are price-tracking websites that will show you the price that a particular product has been sold at previously in the past 12 months. Some will also enable you to set up email alerts which will let you know when a product that you are interested in drops in price.

4.Sign up for retailers’ newsletters

Simply signing up to receive a retailer’s newsletter with your email address could unlock a discount code, so it could be worth it. This will also ensure that you receive a notification when they are running a sale or offering a promotion. To avoid your personal inbox being flooded with marketing emails, consider setting up a separate email for your online shopping activity.

5.Connect with brands on social media

Most retailers have at least one social media profile where they will share information about promotions, discounts, and special offers that only their followers can access. They also run product giveaways which you can enter simply by liking or commenting on a post.

6.Shop at the right time

Retail is seasonal, and many companies will run sales before and/or after the holidays. If you do not need to make your purchase right away, it might be worth holding off to see if what you want is available at a lower price in the next sale.

7.Fill your cart, and leave

Brands are monitoring cart abandonment, which is when a customer has items in their basket but leaves the website before completing the purchase. To encourage customers (who have registered with an account) to take the final step, brands will sometimes email the customer with a discount code or special offer.

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