4 Benefits of Using Canva You Should Know


Canva is a free design tool that has highly impacted the designing world. It has empowered businesses to become self-dependent in designing their own social media advertisements. Canva is a cheaper alternative for brands that are planning to promote visually appealing content.

Canva provides various Canva design templates, which are mostly free to access. Therefore, if you are running a small business or a start-up, Canva is the best tool to promote your brand and create a customer base. Below we will mention four benefits of using Canva Templates for marketing.

1. One-Stop Place For All Your Assets

Primarily for designing an online, a company needs three items: photos, fonts, and color palettes. Canva has answered the concern of the customers successfully. A Canva Pro user can store unlimited pictures. Moreover, it also offers access to several photos in the Canva library at a bare minimum cost of $1.

Canva offers nearly 3000 fonts to select from. However, a pro member has the freedom to upload specific fonts for their templates. Moreover, several color palettes are also available to decorate your template as well.

2.The Choice to Opt For a Pre-Made Template

Not everyone can be excellent at designing because designing requires a lot of creativity to make your design appealing. Hence, Canva provides a plethora of pre-designed templates that can be customized according to the content you want. A person who desires to design an infographic only needs to select the template and fill in the relevant details.

Moreover, in these pre-designed templates, a person can also customize it by inserting new photos, changing the fonts of the content, altering the background color, etc. Also, the website provides you with an additional feature to upload a picture of your choice from your system.

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3.Easy to Customize Your Designs

Suppose you designed an advertisement banner to promote your product on Facebook, and now you decided to post the same banner on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, etc. Then there is no need to create a new banner. Because Canva provides you with an amazing feature to resize your banner according to the website you plan to post on.

Canva provides a magic resize button that can alter the size of your banner in a hassle-free way. Moreover, it also allows you to change the dimensions of the design into different sizes.

4.Design Now, and Post Later Using Canva

A person planning to design an advertisement banner for marketing can plan all his work in one place. It not only offers you various features related to design, such as fonts, frames, templates, etc. It also offers a feature to schedule your post for containing the advertisement banner. A person, after completion of the advertisement design, can schedule a time to post it, and the banner will be automatically posted on the platform of their choice. This is a game-changing tool for someone who gives high importance to saving time.

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