Sex toys can be a great addition to the bedroom, whether you are in a relationship or single.

Most toys are designed to increase the sensations felt during intercourse and can ensure that your female partners have a great time. For many women, sex toys have answered a lot of their prayers when it comes to sex because they are designed specifically for their pleasure.

That being said, there are many kinds of sex toys for her available that are designed to heighten pleasure during intimacy.

While most women have experience with vibrating toys or dildos, there is one toy that is usually left out of the equation despite the amazing pleasure it can provide.

Introducing The Egg Vibrator

If you have used sex toys before, then you know how useful vibrations can be.

Whether you are having sex with partners or working alone, vibrating toys can deliver a whole new sensation and help you reach greater heights.

However, you do not have to stick with the same standard vibrator, dildo, or rabbit to experience this kind of pleasure. There are lots of toys you can explore no matter your relationship status but one of the best is the egg vibrator.

This handy tool can deliver hours of pleasure for her or him, based on where you want to be stimulated.

How Does It Work?

An egg vibrator works similarly to any other vibrating toy you may have used before in the sense that it creates vibrations.

There will usually be multiple settings based on the speed and sensation you are going for, but the unique shape of the egg vibrator can make it more versatile. It can be used to stimulate both the outside or inside of the body based on what you are into, and the rounded egg shape makes it incredibly comfortable.

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While these sex toys are commonly used by women, some models are designed to be used in other areas. The rounded egg shape can easily be inserted into the anus for ongoing pleasure, so these toys are accessible to all genders.

However, it is important to note that not all egg vibrators are suitable for anal play, but there are specific models available for you to try.

What sets the egg vibrator apart from any other toy you may have tried is the way it is controlled. As this guide outlines, most egg vibrators are controlled externally, whether this is through a remote control or even through a mobile app.

Once inserted, you can control the speed and type of vibration using this remote control, allowing for hands-free play when you are alone.

The remote control makes this a great toy for couples as well as alone, as one partner can completely take over the pleasure of another without interference.

If you are willing to give up control in the bedroom, an egg vibrator is a great way to get started and can be used to bring intimacy to any activity.

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