Top Features Of Word Count Tool That Is Very Helpful For Your Article Writing

If you need an excellent and precise word count tool, you should read this article. The Word Count Tools does not only provide word count, but it also has other helpful features that you might like to use. 

Character Counter

Are you often writing some articles right now? Then you should try Word Count Tool; they provide a variety of features like character counter with spaces, Character Count without spaces, Facebook Character Count, and more. You’ll be able to know how many characters you have in your articles or essays.

Using Character Counter, you will not only know how many characters you have on your essays but also provide unique features. Character Counter will allow you even to know how many characters is the most efficient to post on some social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In this way, you’ll be presenting your thoughts clearly to other people.

To use Character Counter for Facebook, you can only write 80 characters, but don’t worry. If you directly type it on the Facebook app, its maximum characters are 63,206, which is just too much if you want to relay an understandable message or post to your reader. That’s why Character Counter limits your character count so that this will not happen.

Word Counter

As the word says, this feature allows you to count the words on your essay or article. Using Word Count Tool’s Word Counter will let you know your word count by just pasting it on the blank space given to you. It’s fast, easy, and simple to do; you can also change your font style, font size, make all the words uppercase, and even clear all the words in just one click.

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There are many exciting features that you can use under Word Counter, like Character Count with space, Character Count without space, Paragraph Count, and Sentence Count. All of this information is important, especially if you are often writing articles or essays, which will help you know if your word count is enough.

Sentence Count is also handy. It will allow you to know how many sentences you already have in a paragraph; this will help your article or essay not have so many sentences and make your reader understand your main thought on that paragraph. Having so many sentences in a paragraph will make the reader confused and bored at the same time.

Scrabble Word Finder

Are you a fan of playing Scrabble? Then you should try Word Count Tool’s unique feature, the Scrabble Word Finder. It’s plain and simple, go to their website, find Scrabble Word Finder, and when you’re there, you can just type in the word on the space provided for you and the Word Count Tool’s Scrabble Word Finder will find the possible terms for you.

Scrabble is very fun, especially if you are playing with your family, friends, and loved one, but finding the right words is a bit of a hassle. Scrabble Word Finder will make you and your friend’s life more comfortable while playing the game. Sometimes, the Scrabble Word Finder provides words that are not yet official; you can use an official Scrabble Dictionary to assist you.

Pomodoro Timer

Have you heard about the Pomodoro Technique? If not, then this is a perfect place for you to learn and know what that is. Just a little background, the Pomodoro technique was first invented and developed by Francesco Cirillo in the year 1980s. Pomodoro technique is a type of time management where you will be more productive.


Compared to your regular time management, the Pomodoro technique is beneficial, and Word Count Tool has this feature for you to use freely. In Word Count Tool’s Pomodoro timer, there are a 25 minutes pattern or cycles, with 5 minutes breaks or stops.

For your information, every 25 minutes of a cycle is called Pomodoro, and after the fourth Pomodoro, you will be given 15 minutes of break or stop. You can try it yourself to prove its effectiveness; it is also beneficial if you’re a writer, you’ll be able to finish your essays or articles much faster.

Mind Map

The Mind Map is one of the best Word Count Tool features, which will make your planning easier than before. When writing articles or essays, you need to brainstorm and think about your topic and the perfect words to use so that you’ll be able to send your message to your readers more clearly and less confusing.

Word Count Tool’s Mind Map will help you summarize, organize, and even visualize all your thoughts in one place. To use Mind Map, you can start by clicking “add a note,” or you can upload a file from your computer, after uploading, you can begin creating some boxes or circles and line them according to your preference. It’s like building a mini PowerPoint presentation.


You can find other sites that can do word counting, but the only difference of the other word count tools that you’ll see online does not have the same precision that the Word Count Tool can provide to you. The Word Count Tool is very user-friendly, and at the same time, it is for free.

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