Why you should build interactive tools to increase sales

Times have changed, business today is far from the way it used to be decades ago.

Why you should build interactive tools to increase sales

With several brands now employing and leveraging more tactical means to grow their businesses, and multiply sales. If you’re serious about doing business, this is something you shouldn’t ignore.

Using interactive marketing tools in your marketing will help you improve your conversion rate.

What are interactive marketing tools, and how does it work?

Interactive marketing tools are algorithms that are built into websites to help potential customers make buying decisions on the site. By the way, for your SEO activities, reach out to the best seo experts at Digital Engage.

Here are examples of interactive marketing tools and how they work:

Interactive measurement tools

These are usually applicable in websites that deal with products where size is required. An example of a company that uses this type of tool is Nike.

When you scroll through their app and decide on which shoe you want to buy, you then opt for a try-on.

Then your phone camera becomes activated, and all you have to do is to place the camera on your foot. The app will scan your foot and after scanning is complete, the app recommends which size of shoe you can choose.

Virtual try-on tool

With this tool, you get to use a system of augmented reality to try on a product to see whether it suits you or not before you buy. All you have to do is to select the product you want to buy, for example, glasses or makeup.

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There’s a ‘try on’ link you can tap on,  when you tap the link, your phone camera becomes activated.

Coupled with the augmented reality, you’ll be required to upload a selfie, and then place the product on them to see if it suits you. The augmented reality built into it creates some kind of reality so you can get an actual feel of how the product looks on you.

This tool is not just limited to glasses or cosmetics, big brands like Amazon use this interactive tool to help their customers when buying furniture online so they can know which one fits their home.

Interactive calculators

Interactive calculators can be used in many ways including:

  • nutritional calculators,
  • pricing calculators
  • financial calculators.

This type of interactive marking tool helps customers make decisions based on calculations. For example, financial calculators recommend customers products that best suit their standard of living.

How interactive marketing tools can increase sales

Now that you’ve seen some of the types of interactive marketing tools, here are some of the ways it can boost your sales if you use any of them on your website:

Interactive marketing tools boost engagements

With interactive marketing tools, your chances of getting engagements are higher, and so are your chances of making sales, because the more prospects engage with your content, the more likely to are to buy.

Improves user experience, which results in higher conversion rates.

Marketing is all about converting prospects into buyers. If a customer feels good and comfortable in your website, and if he feels he’s convinced enough you’re the best person to buy from, then you’ll have a better chance of converting him into a buyer.

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More referrals

Your business can do with a lot of referrals. It’s one of the ways a business grows. If a customer feels good with the treatment you provide, what’s going to happen is that he’ll spread the news around, and with that, you can be sure to see your sales jump to higher figures.

It can draw traffic to your site

Customers who had a nice experience on your website and was impressed with the quality of service you rendered, is more likely to return any time he needs a product you’re selling.

These are examples of interactive marketing tools and how they can increase your sales. If you want to increase sales, then You should consider installing one of these on your website.


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