Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a multi-layered process that is constantly evolving. The best SEO practices for 2020 might not hold value in 2022. This means that companies that offer SEO services need to stay up-to-date with all the relevant trends and changes within the industry. This also means that businesses who want to use these services need to conduct a thorough vetting process for finding the right SEO Bangkok service provider for them.

This SEO agency in Bangkok presents a list of 10 factors you should consider before hiring an SEO service provider.

Define Requirements

The first step in hiring an SEO service provider should always be defining your own requirements clearly. What is it that you hope to achieve? Are you looking for increased local traffic or general traffic? Do you want to focus more on mobile accessibility or both mobiles and laptops? Find answers to these questions and many such questions that might arise and communicate them clearly to your selected provider when needed.

Research Company History

Look for the years of experience a company has in this field. Check their reviews on testimonial websites like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, etc. See if they have a loyal clientele and which brands have they helped. Go to their social media websites and have a look at their blogs and articles.

There is no doubt that there are several newer companies that are really good in this field, but for them, you can use other parameters given here and choose a suitable option for yourself.

Notice Their Ranking for Competitive Keywords

An SEO company that claims to help you with your ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) should rank well itself across highly competitive and high-volume keyword searches. So, if the provider you want to choose can successfully demonstrate this, you should have further conversations with them.


Assess Their Knowledge About SEO and Its Tools and Tactics

Any experienced SEO provider should be able to explain their strategies and tactics to you adeptly. When having a conversation with an SEO agency in Bangkok or anywhere in the world, ask as many questions about the kind of tactics they use (preferably white-hat tactics, such as on-page SEO and content) for link building, targeting keyword search, and so on. Ask about the tools that they use and the reason for using these tools. They should have detailed and complete answers to these questions. If they try to sell you a one-size-fits-all strategy and give you vague answers with difficult terms without explaining anything, back out immediately! 

Ask Them About Link Building and Influencer Marketing

Link building, or as said in modern terms, link earning is the primary factor in search rankings. This means that how many quality links are associated with your website determines your ranking on SERPs. A reputed SEO professional will talk about their link-building strategy in terms of cultivating relationships with editors and influencers, not the number of links. Some questions such as how they conduct link outreach, how they discover link-building opportunities, how they analyze the quality of the website before requesting a link, and so on, may help paint a picture for you about the authenticity of the SEO agency.

Request the Expected Result Duration and Cost

Increasing your SEO ranking is a gradual process. On average, it takes about 3-6 months to see the actual difference in the performance of your business or website. So, if the SEO provider promises you fast results, such as within 15 days to a month’s time, they may be conning you or using unethical practices (black-hat tactics, such as buying links, link schemes, keyword stuffing, etc.) to get the desired results. These results will only be short-termed and can also land you a penalty from Google.

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An honest and experienced SEO provider will give you detailed estimates regarding the time for deliverables and the cost of their service.

Ask About Their Reporting Methods

Any experienced and legitimate SEO agency provides some form of reporting to its clients. The reports are generally about metrics such as backlink count, ranking of high-priority keywords on search engines, improvements in organic traffic, etc. Ask the agency to provide you with a sample report to ensure they have a valid reporting method in place. 

The frequency of reporting will vary from business to business. Decide upon a suitable reporting duration as per your KPIs and business needs.

Define Required Commitments on Your End

Effective SEO strategies are only formed because of well-maintained partnerships between the agency and the client. A good SEO agency would have its own set of questions for you regarding your goals, KPIs, target audience, marketing, and advertising strategies, and so on. They need this information to develop a detailed SEO strategy that will help your business in the long run. If you are not asked any questions regarding your wants, it is likely to look for another option.

Assess Their Awareness About Changing SEO Scenarios

As stated earlier, the SEO industry is continuously evolving. A knowledgeable SEO provider will stay abreast with these changes and will be able to give you an overview of the recent and biggest algorithm changes along with how they modified their strategies as per these changes. If they are someone who follows industry blogs like Webmaster Central (Google’s news outlet about industry changes) and other popular blogs, your business will most likely be in good hands. Good SEO professionals also conduct their own research regularly to make note of any algorithm changes.

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Compare Different Agencies

It is a good step to shortlist a few options before signing with an agency. Speak to SEO specialists from each agency in your list and ask about all the above-mentioned factors. Make sure to ask for detailed explanations of their methods. Only after you are satisfied with all the aspects, should you sign with an agency.


In this ever-competitive market of SEO, there are many SEO agencies that will try to lure you with lucrative offers and fast results. Remember to stay focused on your needs and assess all the points mentioned above before hiring an agency that suits your requirements the best. Long-lasting results take time to manifest, be it understanding your needs or cultivating authentic relationships with influencers and other brands. So, be patient and thorough in your quest for a suitable SEO service provider.

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