What are the best RTG Slots Online?

When it comes to playing online slot games, you have really got to know your onions about the developers, software, and backend elements to them because that is what separates the high rolling big fish on the scene from the small fry – try Bingo Billions.

Realtime Gaming, or RTG when abbreviated, is an online slot tech giant who you may or may not have played a couple of games. RTG online slots may not ring the same tune that companies like NetEnt or Microgaming do, but they are certainly not an online slot game developer whose reputation you want to test.

Starting out in 1998, RTG online slot games have produced over 300 games that you can tackle… if that does not prove that RTG online slot games have got a heap of experience then I do not know what does! Whether you like to digest your online slots through your phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever, fear not because RTG caters to everything.

Newest RTG online slot games

Before we get into the best online slot games that RTG has got to offer, it is important to mention that they are constantly coming out with new and improved slot games for igamers to take a hack at. Not only does RTG use their immense experience and online casino software developing skills to make some of the best games, but they also continue to create fantastic new ones too!

Here are some of the newest RTG online slot games that have been announced for the 2021 summer release:

  1.     Paddy’s Lucky Forest – Are you an igamer who loves to play the classic lucky Irish slot games? RTG will have you covered on that front with this new hit!
  2.     Ox Bonanza – A little more ambitious theme for RTG’s Ox Bonanza as it sets itself in the deep of the East.
  3.     Mardi Gras Magic – Where would we be if RTG did not create an online slot game that was fantasy-based. Crack on with Mardi Gras Magic to celebrate tradition, and hopefully celebrate a few jackpot wins!
  4.     Lovable Pets – Are you a big fan of those funky app games such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds? We think that one of RTG’s latest online slot games, Lovable Pets, will be right up your street in that case.
  5.     Spring Wilds – Spring Wilds is direct evidence that RTG gaming can make any game from serious to jovial, to light-heartedly fun.
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So, what are the best online RTG slot games?

All you slot-heads who love to keep up with the latest thing now know exactly where to go to get your new RTG online slot game kicks, however, in our opinion, though the games are good, they are not RTG’s best online slot games.

For that, check out what we think might be the best RTG slots online:

  1.     Magic Mushroom
  2.     Halloween Treasures
  3.     Storm Lords
  4.     Rudolph Awakens
  5.     Fortune Frog

While some of these games may not be RTG’s best on graphics and animations, they sure are healthy to the ol’ bank!

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