Whether you are a singer in a choir, a rock band, on stage, or just in the shower, you should know how to keep your singing voice healthy. You can either make or ruin your performance by the quality of your vocal health.


Fortunately, vocal health isn’t that complex for singers. A certain amount of common sense and some good information about vocal health guidelines can keep your singing voice healthy and as good as before.

This article discusses various tips that can be useful in keeping your singing voice healthy. 

#1 Always do a warm-up! 

Before singing, you must warm up your vocal cords. Various workouts are performed to suit every age, voice, and level. Initially warming up your facial muscles make your training much easier– relax your lips and jaws, blow your lips, push your tongue as far as possible, massage your face, and sigh musically. 

It’s okay if you make some noises while performing the warm-up. Don’t be scared to make some noises while warming up. Allow your voice to go up and down. Then maybe do some lip rolls or tongue trills. You should start singing actual notes when you feel like your face, mouth, and voice have loosened or opened up. The entire procedure should take about ten to fifteen minutes. 

#2 Do not forget to cool down!

Take time to cool down when your class, audition, or performance is completed. Although cooling down often is not included in vocal health tips lists, it is a very importantroutine to keep singers’ vocal health in-tact. Sigh on a note that goes down. Yawn, raise your palate, and release any tension. Roll your lips softly, letting your voice drop slowly once again. Take 5 or 10 minutes to get your voice back to its usual range of speech.

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#3 Hydration is the key!

Water should be your best friend. For your singing voice, water is one of the finest drinks. Drink water all day and carry a bottle of water during classes and rehearsals. Do not assume that a sip or two of water is sufficient while warming up. When adequately hydrated, your vocal cords operate optimally, therefore you have to keep your entire body hydrated.

#4 Do not smoke! 

Smoking is the fastest and most effective way to ruin your voice permanently. Don’t do it. You wash your vocal cords with poisons when you inhale cigarettes. All you breathe into, all pollutants, all pollen spots, all dust particles, all travel through your vocal cords, dry them out of the air, and irritates you, and harms your singing voice. 

#5. Give your chords some rest! 

Everyone knows how essential days of relaxation are. A fatigued voice is even more susceptible to damage. Therefore, take the opportunity to relax your voice in the case of sickness, allergies, or even if you merely work a lot in your voice (such as in the rehearsal or preparing for a hearing).

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