Tips For Choosing The Right Shutters For Your Home

Interior design is all about showcasing your personality. While also serving function and looking beautiful. 

In recent years, shutters have become popular. They can add a touch of class to your interior windows. While also reducing noise and light. They are also easy to install and can be matched to almost any kind of interior design.

If you are a new homeowner looking to have shutters fitted, you may be puzzled about where to begin. Let’s have a quick look at how to choose the right shutters for your home.

  • Function

Different shutters serve different functions. All while looking beautiful. 

If you want shutters fitted to block noise, then heavy wooden options may be more appropriate. Are you looking for shutters to block out light? Then you may want a set that have built-in light-blocking properties. 

Plantation shutters are a great example of an elegant shutter that allows airflow. Which is great on hot summer days. They can also have mesh fitted to keep bugs out too!

  • Integrated or not?

Are you looking for a shutter that will be easy to install? Or do you want to have them fitted to increase the value of your home? If you want the latter, then you will need to hire professionals to fit them for you. 

This will also play into the overall cost. Professionally installed options will be pricier. However, they will come with a guarantee. So, if your shutters break or fail, you may be able to have them replaced for free.

  • Style is key

As mentioned, when you want to add shutters, you will want them to add to your decor. So, where you are having them placed may play a part in the style of shutter that you want.

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Sunburst Shutters offers a range of different styles suited for any room. While the location of each shutter is up to you, certain styles do better in certain rooms. 

So, selecting the right style is key. Not only for long-lasting shutters, but for saving money too! There is little point in having a heavy shutter fitted to a window that is opened regularly!

  • Material

Like almost every home decor item, shutters are made from a range of different materials. Mostly wood, but other options can include metal and PVC options.

So, are you looking for a set of shutters that requires maintenance? Wooden options can require polishing, and varnishing too, if you want to keep them looking fresh. They will also likely require sealing to protect them against rain. Which may come in through the window. Metal and PVC options do not require varnishing or sealing. Although if you want to change their color, you cannot simply sand them and varnish them to do so.

  • Security

Do you want shutters that can provide security? Options like plantation shutters can have locks fastened to them. Allowing you to close and lock them if desired, but the degree of security offered by shutters ranges. For more advice, ask your local shutter installer for the most secure design.

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