Managing a remote team is not without its problems; it can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle; however, it does not need to be.

Three Top Reasons to Use an Online Collaboration Platform

Getting a team together, all in one place, and facilitating meetings to take place virtually will ensure that your team can perform just as strong as it would do if you were all together in the office.

So here are three reasons why you should say yes to using an online platform.


You can hold virtual meetings which will allow you to feel that personal connection to your team, which is sometimes lost with phone meetings. There is the ability to open channels for different team members to work within. Different channels will allow you to keep projects separate; however, it will still allow you to monitor what is going on in each channel.

It is affordable as you do not have to pay for physical workspaces. When you use a platform such as, which is a very good all-around platform that features everything you can need and wants, to manage a team including instant messaging successfully, you will see just how affordable working remotely is.


They are safe and secure.  Sharing secure information is often necessary when remote working, so it is nice to know that your information is secure, safe, and private and confidentiality is maintained with a reputable and trusted platform. You can share access to files with multiple people quickly and easily, saving time and keeping everyone feeling in the loop and involved within the team.

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These platforms are easy to use. They are straight forward and self-explanatory for even team members with basic computer skills. You will not have to spend lots of time helping team members navigate the site or get to grips with what the platform offers.


They can increase your teams’ productivity. This is an important one now as you can forget having separate apps for team/group messaging and you can delete that virtual meeting app, as most collaboration platforms offer these features and much more as standard.

You can ensure work deadlines are met by keeping track and monitoring the work you’re your team members are producing. Regular check-ins and instant messaging can allow you to keep in touch with team members without being over the top and in their face.

It gives you more time to put together new ideas, discuss new opportunities, and generally push your business forward. Save time commuting to an office, get everybody together, and have a virtual meeting with a coffee from the comfort of your own homes or workspaces.

Now you know the advantages and benefits of collaboration platforms, it is time to decide which one you will go for. When it comes to picking a platform, it is important to check out reviews before committing. It is wise to read reviews from real people to ensure you get the right platform for your business and your team.

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