Things to Consider When Removing Your Office Furniture

Moving your offices or just having to leave the premises as your office closes is one of the most challenging logistic tasks. Without a proper plan in place, the furniture removal will undoubtedly turn into the biggest headache. Before you’re tumbling down into chaos, you need to be aware of specific points to consider before the big day.

Inform the departments about the furniture removal:

Firstly, To remove your old office furniture, you obviously have to let each department and its employees know in advance. Removing furniture and putting up new equipment may result in a disruption of your daily workflow and thus a reduction in productivity. Once you know when the new furniture arrives or when you’re moving out, you need to inform everyone in your office. Once the date is locked in, you can plan further ahead. Do not remove any office furniture too long before the new one arrives or before you’re moving. Instead, ask your employees to clear out their desks and file cabinets shortly before you haul away the old furniture.

The perfect time for office furniture removal:

To avoid as many disruptions as possible in your workflow, it might be best to have the old furniture removed at the end of a working day and have the new one delivered either at night, if possible, or early in the morning of the following day. Consider that it may also take some time to set up the new workplaces with all the IT. You have to remove all computers and cables at each desk before removing the furniture itself. All of this has to be set-up again once the new furniture is there or moved into your new location.

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It might be worthwhile to consider a weekend for the big move. Remove the old furniture on a Friday at the end of the working day. The new furniture can be put in place on the following Saturday, and your IT-Team can set up your tech right away. While you may have to pay some extra for the IT-Team to work on a weekend, it won’t disrupt your workflow as much as if you did it during the week. Thus, you only invest a small sum on the side and keep the revenue flowing as if nothing had happened.

Things to Consider When Removing Your Office Furniture

Create an inventory list:

The first thing you definitely have to consider is to create a complete inventory of your office furniture. Based on this inventory, you should create two separate lists:

  1. One inventory containing the furniture you want to remove
  2. One inventory with the furniture you plan on keeping.

Assign this task to one specific person that collects all necessary information with tedious detail for a database or a spreadsheet. He should note what particular piece of furniture there is and take a picture of it. Its current location. ‘desk,’ won’t be beneficial in that inventory if you have more than one kind of desk scattered throughout your entire office. The same goes for chairs. Even though you do your best to have the same chairs at each desk, you may have replaced some of those throughout the last years. You may neither have file cabinets that are all of the same size and color.

Things to Consider When Removing Your Office Furniture

What to do with your old office furniture:

You cannot get rid of your old office furniture in the dumpster. If you do, it could turn into a costly liability for you. That’s especially if you have to replace Computers and other IT equipment along with your furniture. Computers contain toxic materials that require exceptional disposal management, as your junk removal should be able to offer. You have several options to remove your old furniture responsibly and effectively:

  1. Offer the old furniture for sale: Some of your equipment may still hold value. It’d not be beneficial to have it all removed by a junk removal service only. Before you have anything removed, offer it for sale. Think of your employees first and show them their office chair or desk at a reduced price for their own home office. You can also provide the computer equipment with a discount once you’ve evaluated its current value. Reach out to secondhand furniture shops and used office furniture networks to sell remaining items.
  2. Donate: There might be a school that’d be happy to take your office furniture or charitable organizations that could do with some file cabinets. You can write off those donations from your taxes.
  3. Professional removal: After you’ve exhausted the options mentioned above, you can determine which furniture is left that you need to remove. The less you need have hauled away, the cheaper it gets, and you’ve made a penny on the side.
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Consider recycling:

You can recycle most of your furniture as it consists of wood, metal, and plastic. Recycling centers offer cash if you provide them your old furniture. For this process, it’d be sensible to add a list of each furniture piece when you create the inventory. However, be careful that the recycling center’s hauling costs don’t exceed what you may get for it or what it’d still be worth. Alternatively, you can consider another removal service that brings the old furniture to the recycling plant at lower costs.

Collect quotes:

You’d be astonished how much prices can vary from one junk removal service to the other. To keep any expenses low while you will undoubtedly have to deal with some workflow disruption, be careful about all the costs involved. You want to avoid unnecessarily high fees in any area of your business at all costs. Once you have the date set when the old furniture you need to remove, you can directly make inquiries. To make sure your old furniture gets removed and disposed of responsibly, also enquire if the junk removal disposes of your old furnishings according to all current state and national guidelines.

Things to Consider When Removing Your Office Furniture

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