Every year, there are around 350,000 destination weddings that take place. They’re scheduled in a variety of different destination wedding locations all throughout the world.

Do you and your soon-to-be spouse want to have a destination wedding? If so, you should kick around some ideas for destination wedding locations before picking one over all the rest. You’ll love the fact that you have so many travel destinations to choose from for your special day.

You should also keep the needs of your wedding party in mind. Make sure that you remember that they’ll also be accompanying you on your trip, and try to pick a place that everyone will enjoy.

Check out some of the best destination wedding locations for travel lovers below.

Dominican Republic

More often than not, couples looking for destination wedding locations will search for ones that have all-inclusive resorts. It helps put them in a position to get almost everything that they and their guests will need throughout their wedding and the days surrounding it.

The Dominican Republic has more than a few all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana as well as many of the other cities throughout the country. It’s also just a hop, skip, and jump from the U.S., which is another thing that makes it an attractive destination wedding location.

If nothing else, it might be the ideal location for a bachelor party or bachelorette party in the weeks leading up to a more traditional wedding.


DR will be beautiful in and of itself. But when it comes to absolutely gorgeous destination wedding locations, Italy simply can’t be beaten.

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Whether you decide to tie the knot near the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, or Tuscany, you’re going to find that Italy will be one of the most breathtaking places you’ve ever been. Your wedding photos will be amazing if you choose to get married in Italy.

Just make sure you start planning a destination wedding far in advance if you’re going to get married in a place like Italy. There are a lot of logistics that you’ll need to work your way through.


One of the downsides about getting married in destination wedding locations like DR and Italy is that everyone in your wedding party will need to have a passport to go. This could potentially turn into a problem for some of the people in your wedding party and for some of your guests.

For this reason, you might want to kick around the idea of getting married in a domestic destination. Fortunately, Hawaii is no slouch compared to the other locations on this list.

There are so many different islands that make up Hawaii. Each of them has its own personality, which will make it fun to pick the right one for your wedding.

As an added bonus, you might also be able to get married on one Hawaiian island and then head to another for your honeymoon. You can soak up the whole Hawaiian experience during your wedding trip.


Has it always been your dream to have a fairytale wedding that takes place in a castle? This might seem like a pipe dream to you at this point in your life. But you should know that you can make it happen in a destination like Ireland.

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Ireland might not necessarily be the first destination wedding location that comes to mind when you’re brainstorming ideas. But it has an understated and some might even say underappreciated beauty to it that you’ll come to love.

Plus, there are so many great things for your wedding party to do while you’re in Ireland. From hitting up local pubs to playing a few rounds of golf, there won’t be any shortage of options.


Destination weddings can get to be very expensive if you don’t keep your spending under control. There are some destination wedding locations that’ll make it very difficult to do this.

Mexico isn’t going to fall into this category. Outside of the fact that it’s very easy to get to and from Mexico without spending a small fortune, Mexico has some of the most affordable all-inclusive resorts around. It also has beautiful beaches and all the natural beauty that you’ll want for your destination wedding.


You didn’t really think we were going to make a list of the best destination wedding locations and not include France, did you? That just wouldn’t be right.

Paris is obviously one of the most romantic cities on the planet. But even if you don’t get married there, you’ll still feel the love in the air from the time you first touch down in France.

Loire Valley, Cote d’Azur, and St.-Tropez are just a few of the ideal destination wedding locations in France.


When you’re in the process of planning a destination wedding, you should know you don’t have to go to a foreign country (or Hawaii!) to have a great time. There are also plenty of American cities that would serve as great hosts for your wedding day.

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Chicago is an excellent example of this. It’s one of the largest cities in the country and is filled with wonderful places for you and your significant other to exchange vows.

You and your wedding party can also participate in all kinds of fun activities when you’re in the Windy City. You can, for example, go on an intimate yacht boat ride that’ll give you a whole new perspective on Chicago.

Which Destination Wedding Locations Look Best to You?

If you and your partner love to travel, having a destination wedding will make all the sense in the world. It’ll enable you to see a new place that you haven’t seen before while also holding your dream wedding at the same time.

Each of the destination wedding locations on this list would be great options. It’ll be up to you to decide which one would work best for you and your wedding party.

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