Digital marketers who are going to a Parramatta conference venue have the best knowledge about the importance of Instagram to the whole online advertising and marketing industry. However, for people who don’t have formal background and training in social media marketing would have the slightest clue how this app changed the world of advertising.


The world of social networking has drastically changed in the last couple of years, thanks to the massive availability and popularity of iPhones and Android phones. If you go to the App Store or Google Play, thousands of free and premium apps are up for grabs.

From basic applications like those for messaging, social networking, gaming, music, and entertainment to more advanced scrape Instagram ones, such as those rooted smartphones. Basically, any imaginable app you have thought about exists; thus, ‘there’s an app for that’ catchphrase has become common among smartphone users.

In the last year, one particular app had received very positive feedback from smartphone users; this app is no other than Instagram. This online photo-sharing and social networking application were created and launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. In the app’s first year, its main market consists of Apple product users as it was only available at the App Store.

However, after almost two years, in April 2012, the app was finally open for Android users. With this move, the app has become even more popular. Since then, Instagram has become a must-have app among smartphone and tablet users.

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Instagram was originally designed for photo-sharing and social networking purposes, but after years, the app’s purposes have likewise evolved. Today, users do not only use the app for sharing photos of food, vacation trips, pets, and fashion, as some also use it as a business platform. Online shops were quick to take on Instagram to post their products and services – a new form of online business marketing.

As it is, many companies have turned to photography to come up with beautiful photos to be posted on their Instagram accounts. This trend has been proven effective that many established and respected companies are using it to promote their products and services and for branding purposes. Some of the famous companies that are known for using Instagram include American Express, Burberry, Intel, Virgin, Taco Bell, General Electric, Vevo, Playboy, Adidas, and Starbucks.

These companies have realized the business-boosting potential of vintage-looking photos. As it is, they are able to communicate with and reach the consumers in a different perspective – a refreshing marketing style compared to more traditional schemes like television commercials, radio plugs, and events.


The formula for successfully communicating with clients and target consumers through the use of social media services like Instagram is through consistency, activity, and a dash of quirkiness. Successful companies that have been using Instagram never fail to post quirky and witty photos to start a discussion that would interest the general public. Some companies would post funny or odd photos to keep the conversation among users going.

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If you have a business and plans to venture into using Instagram as a marketing strategy, it would be best to take the right steps from the get-go. It is advisable to have a person who would take care of all your company’s social media relations, from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to Instagram, that person will be the one responsible for representing the company in the world of social media.

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It is also highly recommended to visit the Parramatta conference venue to catch a seminar or two about social media marketing.It is also wise to have a person do photography if you are looking to sell your products online. This could be done without help of professional photographers, but if you are serious about Instagram product marketing and you have a budget, hiring photographers is advisable.

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