Facebook is a social networking site with more than 1.9 billion people using it daily, be it for personal connections or promoting their businesses. This platform is an effective way to connect with your audiences as it has a wide reach, and it is relatively inexpensive.

Building a Facebook page is free and quite easy. However, gaining active page followers is a little tedious task and requires effort from the page creator.

Why are active followers crucial for a Facebook page?

Followers play an important role in the success and popularity of a Facebook page. Active followers engage with a page and like and share the posts. This in turn increases the popularity of the page and drives more traffic to it. In this article, we will be discussing some dos and don’ts of building a strong and active followers base for your Facebook page.

Things to do to build a strong active Facebook page following.

1.Profile Picture and cover photo

Using your brand logo for your profile picture makes your profile recognizable in the numerous posts in your followers’ news feeds. The picture should have good clarity. Treat your profile picture as your page’s most important identity.

Use a high-quality attractive picture that represents your business as your cover photo. This is a large-size image and is clearly visible whenever someone visits your Facebook page.

2.Link your Facebook page address to your website

Embed your Facebook page address on your website. This enables visitors to your website to visit your Facebook page and hence you might gain more followers.

3.Interact with followers

Always interact with your followers. Solve their queries, handle their complaints, or simply respond to their comments with gratitude. Be quick and public in your responses.

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4.Compelling content creation

Create content that connects with your followers. Once a follower likes your content, they may share and promote it to their own wall and in turn, you will be getting more followers. You can also share content that is not related to your business. Just make sure it interests your followers or is in some way valuable to them.

5.Events and milestones

A press release on your website is quite different from a post about the same on your Facebook page. You can share fun photos to posts with certain events or milestones of your business. You may also share your thoughts on the same.

6.Photos and videos

It has been noticed that Facebook posts with images or photos are viewed 2.3 times more than normal posts. So, include images with your posts when feasible.

Facebook users have also been known to prefer live videos over pre-recorded videos. Videos are more shared than any other content. So, posting video content on your Facebook page is advisable.

7.Facebook groups

Joining a group on Facebook or creating one of your own enables you to reach more followers.

8.Boost your posts

The boost feature on Facebook enables your post to appear in the news feed for a long time. Your posts may also appear on your Instagram account. If you want to boost a post, click the Boost post feature in the lower-right corner of the post. You need to wait for 24 hrs before using this feature on a post.

9.Collaborate with influencers

People tend to trust influencers and their advice. Collaborating with influencers drives new followers to your Facebook page. An influencer’s promotion is deemed a sign of approval by the public.

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10Page Insights Feature

Using the “Page Insight” feature on your posts helps you in finding your most active followers. You can also see the performance of your Facebook page according to parameters such as likes and shares.

Things to avoid if you want a strong, active Facebook page following

1.Leaving the about section blank

Never leave the about section of your Facebook page blank. The about section is all about you. Fill it in with your important details.

2.Aggressive selling

Nobody likes constant sales pitches. Using your Facebook page to aggressively push your products and services is a big no. You need to build relationships, not customers.

3.Using hashtags, a lot

Research suggests that using more than two hashtags in your posts turns off the audiences. Use hashtags wisely so that your posts show up in searches more often.

4.Detailed customer service publicly

Interact with your followers and understand their complaints and concerns. But resolve the concerns on private Facebook chats or emails.

5.Irregular posting frequency

Try different time frames to understand when your followers are most active. Do not bombard their news feed with continuous posts. Allow them to interact with your last post before posting a new one.  But be consistent with your posts. Do not take too long breaks to post new content as this might make the followers uninterested.

6.No involvement of followers

Take your followers on a journey of your business. Tell them why you started your adventure. Share with them the problems you faced and how you solved them.

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7.Similar content every time

Do not post the same content every time. Bring variety to your posts so that your followers find something new every time they visit your Facebook page. Keeping your followers entertained and interested is the key to gaining active followers.

Now that you have got all the necessary details for increasing your active followers count, what are you waiting for? Just give the do’s a try and avoid the don’ts at all costs. And you will shortly be running a successful Facebook page. Also, certain tools in the market are available such as Buy Quality Likes which can be used in your pursuit of creating a successful Facebook page. These tools bring in followers from different geographical areas and ensure that your page gets the best fan following. So, give this tool a try and have a loyal and engaged Facebook page following.

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