The 6 Ingredients of a Great Night Out

When you look back on your best nights out, you will more than likely notice a pattern. While hanging out with your mates is always fun, there are certain things you can do to ensure your night out is talked about for months, or even years, to come. 

If you are planning a night out and want to make it spectacular, make sure you include these six ingredients. 

1: A Delicious Meal 

The best way to begin an evening with your friends is by eating some great food. You could book at a fancy restaurant, order your favorite takeout, or even get your chef’s hat on and treat your mates to a home-cooked meal before heading out to the town. 

A meal is especially important if you plan on drinking alcohol, as it will ensure you do not become sick after a couple of drinks. 

2: Looking Your Best 

If you look great, you feel great, so do not rush getting ready. Take your time showering, doing your skincare, getting every strand of your hair into place, and picking out the perfect outfit. Do not forget the spritz of perfume or cologne before you head out of the door, as an attractive scent can do wonders for your confidence. If you like to tailor your scent to the occasion, treat yourself to a cologne subscription

3: The Right Location 

Picking the right location has a dramatic effect on how the whole night goes. Think about what kind of evening you want before deciding – are you planning on dancing? Do you want to go somewhere quieter so you can have conversations with ease?

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If you are not sure where to go, have a look online for some recommended bars and clubs in the area. Do not stress too much about this, though, as you always have the option to move along if the place you are at is dull! 

4: A Little Organization (but Not Too Much) 

As much as people might think it, it is not always best to let the wind take you anywhere. More often than not, this leaves a group of people sitting undecided about what to do when they could already be having a good time. 

Before going out, make sure you know how you are getting there, where you are going, and how you are getting home. You can always adjust your plans along the way, but a little organization makes sure you can focus on spending time with your friends while staying safe. 

5: A Silent Phone 

Nobody wants to go out with someone who spends the night glued to their phone. While you should keep your phone on you to stay in touch with your mates and in case of emergencies, it is best to keep it inside your pocket or your bag for most of the night. This way, you can focus on conversation, dancing, and having the time of your life! 

6: Your Best Mates 

The number one ingredient of a great night out is your best friends. Even if you choose the most exclusive nightclub, the fanciest restaurant, and wear an incredibly stylish outfit, you will not have a good time without excellent company. By inviting the people who make you laugh until your stomach hurts, you are sure to have the time of your life no matter what you plan to do. 

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