You can easily install the windows in your System using Rufus. You can need to download the Windows 10/8/7 based on the requirement from the source. You can need to have the ISO file for the creation of a bootable pen drive in the System.

You can install the operating system in the System using many tools like PowerISO, Flash, Windows Update, Etcher. You can need to use the perfect tool for the creation of a bootable pen drive in the System.


Create windows bootable flash drive in the System using tools that take few minutes through these simple steps here. You can download the ISO file from the various sources from the internet but you need to install the ISO file from the location to flash drive. You need to use the Rufus tool to create the bootable drive in the System.

You need to check the flash drive and partition scheme in the System before you install the ISO file using the Rufus tools in the System. Before creating a bootable drive, you need to have the flash drive with a minimum free space of 8GB in it. You need to check the flash drive, which is compatible with the bootable flash drive in the System. Here are the simple steps, and you make a parallel along with us in the System.


Here the simple to download the Operating System and Rufus in the System and create the bootable drive in the System. You can make the bootable flash drive along with you and use it whenever you need it. These are steps to make the bootable drive in the System:

  1. Open the official website to download the Rufus tool from it. Please download the Rufus tool and open the Rufus tool in the System.
  2. Download the Operating System in the System from the internet and save its location. You can make whichever you want from Rufus bootable flash drive.
  3. In the Rufus Tool, you use windows 10/8/7 with 64bit/32bit in the drive. You can use another operating system in it.
  4. Rufus will through the admin access in the Hardware change in drive and it will detect the drive-in tool. Please insert the flash drive with Minimum storage of 8 GB space in it.
  5. Choose the ISO file Location from the internal drive in the Rufus Tool to burn the windows 64bit/32bit in the drive.rufus download
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Download Rufus 3.8 Portable (1.1 MB)

  1. You need to choose the ISO images, partition schemes based on the store management. Before you make an option here, you need to check the storage scheme in the Disk.
  2. In computer management, locate the disk management and click on disk management. See the properties of the Disk. Here you can disk properties with volume has the GPT partition in Disk.
  3. Choose the NTFS in the file system and click on the start button here
  4. Once the Disk is ready, and you will get the option to close. You can see the file in the windows file and ISO file in the flash drive. Your pen drive is ready to install the Operating System for your pc or System.Rufus download windows

Download Rufus 3.8 (1.1 MB)


These are Features of Rufus for creating the bootable drive in the System. Rufus tool helps you in the creation of a bootable pen drive whenever you need them. Rufus is piling code to burn the drive with ISO file in the storage. Here are features and key points about the Rufus tool:

  1. Rufus is a simple, faster, and portable application in the System.
  2. Rufus supports Windows, Linus, Mac, and other operating systems.
  3. Rufus is a low-level utility that is used for creating a bootable flash drive.
  4. Rufus is easy to operate and configure in a tool.


Rufus is the tool that is used to make the operating system file in the pen drive by creating a bootable drive for it. Rufus is simple, faster, Low-utility, which is popular to make the bootable drive for System in a simple process.

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Rufus has the open-source code which is available in GIT and gets the code to make the change on your wish. Rufus is compatible with windows, Mac, Linux, and Other. Rufus has more options and a good user interface in it.

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