Refinansiering Av Kredittko

Credit cards are quite common. This is not surprising given how they are not only payment solutions. They are also loans. In other words, people who use them can make purchases without actually having the money. Of course, the borrowed funds (based on set spending limits) will have to be repaid to the issuer.

As a result of these two factors – easy payment solutions and loans; a lot of people use them. For example, around 7 out of every 10 adults in the United States use one (at least). In Norway, a report suggested that around 65 percent of people within the accepted age range use this payment solution. You can check here for more on this subject.

As good as they can be, the sad reality is that many cardholders quickly find themselves in a debt trap. This is because they fail to make due payments and have late payment penalties triggered. For some of these people, repayment solutions are needed and this is where refinancing comes in.

The goal of this article is to ensure that these refinancing solutions are used wisely. So, read on to find out how to avoid credit card refinancing pitfalls.

Avoiding Pitfalls in Credit Card Refinancing

Refinansiering Av Kredittko

This refinancing option is supposed to be a pathway out of credit card debts. Sadly, the debt situation gets complicated for people who do not understand or practice certain things before taking out these refinance solutions. To avoid this narrative, here are a few things to be aware of:

Not Understanding Fees and Terms

Refinancing loans come in handy for several reasons. However, chief among those reasons is the need to clear out outstanding debts, cost-effectively. This is by reducing the overall loan cost, which means that you will be saving money in the process.

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In other words, the refinance loan fees, as well as terms and conditions should offer cost-effectiveness. You can only be certain of this when you evaluate the demanded fees, as well as terms and conditions. The recommendation here is to ensure that you do not agree to any term or condition until you have gone through it and seen that it makes sense.

You may be unclear about what certain fees and terms & conditions imply. An example of such could be something known as an introductory rate. This is a rate offered during a promotional period. The implication is that the rate will rise after this period. Some people are not aware of this and only calculate the profitability based on the introductory rate.

Consult with a professional when things are not clear to you. By the way, this is one of the benefits of applying for such a loan via a loan broker. This professional ensures that you are fully aware of everything and even makes sure you get a good deal.

Closing Old and Well-Run Accounts

Quite a lot of people who need this refinance solution run many credit card accounts. Difficulties making several monthly payments are one of the reasons they find themselves in a debt trap.

Well, it is not always wise to consolidate all the credit card accounts in some situations. One such is if you have an account that does not have a debt issue. Continuing to properly manage that account while you consolidate other accounts will do your credit score a lot of good.

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On the contrary, consolidating all of your credit card accounts will have a damaging effect on your credit score. This is at least in the long term. So, consider continuing to properly run certain accounts. Of course, you should only consider this if possible.

No Repayment Plan

There is no doubt that refinancing offers lots of benefits. Some of the benefits in question include:

  • Avoidance of payment notes or other complications caused by not repaying your debt
  • It is cost-effective – Because of its lower interest rate
  • A fresh chance to get your finances in order
  • Flexibility in terms of repayment
  • A chance to improve your credit score – Especially in the long term
  • Offers a simpler way to repay debt

These benefits are quite a lot. You can go here at for more benefits. However, all of these benefits will only be enjoyed if refinancing loans are managed properly.

For one, the lender needs to have a good repayment plan. Unfortunately, some people do not and only get themselves into a new debt crisis. This experience should be avoided at all costs. One of the reasons for this is that getting another refinance loan after mismanaging a previous one can be very difficult or even impossible in some cases.

Missing Payments While Applying for a Refinance Loan

Try your best to make credit card payments before you get a refinance loan to take care of that. The failure to do this would mean that your credit card debt keeps increasing while you apply for and/or negotiate for refinancing.

This even puts you in a difficult position when negotiating for a refinance loan. Furthermore, your increasing debt would impact negatively on your credit score.

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For the record, this score plays a huge part in negotiating fair deals during refinancing. For these reasons, make sure you keep making credit card payments until you can completely sort out refinancing.

Considering Only One Refinancing Option

Several lenders are willing to offer refinance loans to people who need them. This is especially true if you have an average credit score and meet some/all of their other eligibility criteria.

The recommendation is to shop the credit market for several refinancing offers. This would allow you to choose the best deal rather than simply accepting the first offer. By the way, some lenders are even forced to offer better loan terms and conditions when they realize that prospective borrowers are considering other options as well.

Not Calculating the Cost of Refinancing

Refinance loans can be very helpful for people in a credit card debt crisis. However, it is not for everyone. By and large, this is because the cost of taking out the refinancing loan outweighs or is the same as repaying the credit card debt directly.

This is why its cost-effective margin has to be calculated and compared. While doing this, balance transfer cost is one of the things to pay attention to.


Refinancing loans are a lifesaver for many people with credit card debts. However, they have to be properly managed.

On the whole, pitfalls associated with refinance loans should be avoided. This article has touched on this subject by also discussing how to avoid some of these pitfalls. So, take notice of this going forward.