OSRS – Fighting Ways to Make Gold

If you are looking to battle your way to making a bank, then check out these moneymaking methods. Since OSRS gold plays such a huge role in the game, there are many different ways in which you can get your hands on it.

Use Combat to Earn OSRS Gold.

One of the most fun aspects of the title is the combat, and there are many methods of racking up OSRS GP by having a good old scrap in the MMO. With that in mind, here are ways to battle your way up to riches. 

Killing Ogres

If you have been looking for the methods that are used more often than others, then ogres are the way to go if you are trying to avoid having to find OSRS gold for sale. It is a method that is available for F2P players too, though it does take some preparation in that you need to make sure you take some decent armor and food with you to stay alive. 

Firstly, you will need to have completed the Corsair Curse quest in order to use this method. Start off by leaving the boat at Corsair Cove the go west to the dungeon. You can attack the ogres here from range to then high alch them for more OSRS gold. This method if performed correctly can rack up over 120,000 OSRS GP per hour. 

Brutal Black/Green Dragons

Yes, dragons are very much the order of the day when it comes to making OSRS gold through combat. We will start with the brutal black dragons, in which you will need to be at level 77 Slayer and level 37 Prayer, and make sure you have protection from magic with you too. 

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Once you are fully prepared, it’s time to go and make a bank. Head northwest in the catacombs of Kourend to find these dragons. The drops, in particular, are of high value, so once you have picked them up be sure to head over to the Grand Exchange. There is also a nearby church if you need to refill your prayer, making this a very profitable way of farming for OSRS gold. This method can pull in 700,000 OSRS GP per hour.

Green dragons meanwhile can pull in around 450K per hour, but they do have different requirements. You only need an anti-dragon shield, a OSRS weapon, and some armor in order to defeat them, and they aren’t that intimidating either with just a couple of straightforward melee attacks in their arsenal. To find them, head out to the Wilderness to get started, though make sure you don’t have anything valuable on you that you don’t want to lose. 

Slayer Tower Gargoyles

Get yourself to Slayer level 75, and you will be able to take advantage of a very profitable technique with gargoyles. You will also need to have your strength, defense, and attack at 75 for this method as well. The best part of this is that there are drops of items that can be high alched for extra profit, and you can also get cash stacks to make a bank. 

To find the gargoyles, head on over to the slayer tower and go up the ladder. If you have a crush or bludgeon OSRS weapon then you will do just fine here. It’s not necessarily a requirement as such, but try and make sure you have good gear going into the fight, since the better your gear is the more profit you stand to make. If you can hold out for the course of an hour, then you can rack up over 500,000 OSRS GP. 

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Defeating Vorkath

Being able to beat Vorkath is going to be your main requirement here naturally, though you will need to have Dragon Slayer 2 completed as well before attempting this method. If you are willing to get to grips with this technique, then you will find that it is one of the best money-making methods in the whole game. This is down to the drops, and though they might not appear to be that valuable on the surface, they certainly build up for you to get the bank that you’re looking for. 

So you are going to want to take the loot that you have received by killing Vorkath, then taking it over to the bank and going through the process repeatedly. Since the boss itself isn’t that difficult, especially with the toxic blowpipe, then you are looking at a very profitable way of making OSRS gold. You shouldn’t have much difficulty in surpassing 1 million OSRS GP each hour this way. 

All of these are pretty darn fun ways of you making bank in OSRS. Just remember to go into the fight prepared if you want to maximize the amount of OSRS gold that you receive. 

Have you tried these combat techniques to earn gold in Old School Runescape? Let us know in the comments section below!

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