Transform the way you handle data to make the most of your nonprofit. Whether you’re just launching a startup or navigating a major growth period in an existing nonprofit, manage your data and include the relevant information with Salesforce Raiser’s Edge integration. Explore the benefits of tracking donor data and how the latest CRM software keeps your organization responsive and growing.

Take Into Account What Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Your nonprofit should rely on data to connect with donors and clients. Connecting with donors is a critical way to dramatically improve your nonprofit capabilities. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to connect nonprofit databases in a meaningful way. Use the latest nonprofit database tools to streamline your data and manage it the right way. Donors have entrusted you with contributions and personal data, so put them to work helping you reach your nonprofit goals.

Once you have your data in a single, manageable database, it’s time to review donor capacity and donor affinity. The capacity of each donor is used to evaluate the ability of this donor to give. Whether you’re looking at a charitable organization, a large corporation or a local philanthropist, it’s helpful to measure these areas of donor capacity:

  • Recency of financial giving
  • Frequency of giving
  • Monetary contribution total

A recent, frequent and significant donor takes priority over donors with lower levels of any one or more of these areas. You can send contribution reminders and other helpful messages to prospective donors to make the most of your potential donation pool. Once you assess and organize the capacity of previous and prospective donors, it’s useful to take donor affinity into account.

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Donor affinity helps you understand the likelihood of a particular donor contributing to your nonprofit organization. The most obvious way to see affinity is through previous contributions, but you can also look at donations to similar nonprofit organizations or related causes.

Make Sure You Have Clean Donor Profiles

All of this data is essential to understanding your donors. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to create a mess of your database. Clean up your donor profiles to get a better understanding of the donor field related to your nonprofit. Here are some common donor profile database mistakes that Raiser’s Edge software can help you manage:

  • Duplicate profiles
  • Incomplete profiles
  • Multiple databases
  • Missing engagement measurement
  • Lack of communication with donors

Change the way you communicate with your donors through the latest nonprofit software. Using a quality CRM software optin, you can make the most of your data and organize it in a way that helps your business grow and better manage donor relationships.

Donors aren’t the only individuals and organizations you may wish to collect data about. Use the same software to track volunteers and clients. Privacy is crucial with these data profiles, so work with a database that ensures privacy and organizational convenience.

Try Raiser’s Edge software today to update your database and make the most of a mountain of data. Don’t collect data in a disorganized heap, but clean up profiles and make your data work for you with the latest software options.

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