NDIS During the Pandemic: Shedding a Light of Hope Amid a Global Health Crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed people’s lives in a matter of weeks and months. People who are heavily reliant on their NDIS registered provider know well the impact that the ongoing global health crisis has left in their lives. The NDIS (Natural Disability Insurance Scheme) has been a solid pillar of support for people with disabilities in Australia. Their mission is to assist disabled individuals through continuously helping them hone their skills and gearing them to gain independence and full control of their future.

Facing the pandemic

Since it is important to stay at home and practice social distancing to keep from contracting the virus, dependents of NDIS struggled to gain access to their basic needs and the compensation they need. For those who are new to what the NDIS does, they create and implement customized plans for each of their clients to ensure that their specific requirements are met.

The plan includes determining what each of their client’s goals are, helping them create checklists, budget their funding, and stick to a set of lifestyle and rules. By doing so, they effectively guide people towards a more fulfilling and ideal way of living.

With the world facing an unseen and lethal enemy, significant training had to be done to ensure that NDIS workers and providers educate and equip their clients accordingly. The training includes proper practices for preventing infection, defining and explaining all the key information about COVID-19, debunking fake news and details about the said virus, as well as implementing safety measures to keep participants or clients safe.

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Understandably, updating records, registrations, and audits also takes on a new process, whereby social distancing is observed. In February, the NDIS was set to purchase protective equipment and additional technological equipment to increase their efficiency.

Support, safety, and protection

Extra care and medical assistance are well underway for both NDIS workers and participants were the highlight of the agency’s response to the pandemic. This meant performing the needed tests to ensure that workers who tested positive of carrying the virus are given immediate medical attention, along with consistent disinfecting and sanitation of the facilities.

Since the onslaught of the coronavirus, the people behind NDIS have also been providing the following assistance to both their staff and the recipients of their services:

  • Regulate risks for workers and clients during the delivery of certain services
  • Meet immediate participant needs by prioritizing highly essential types of assistance
  • Keeping track of individual and specific medical advice for participants, in terms of isolation and assessing their health status
  • Continuously keeping participants updated with the latest information and statistics related to the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus
  • Coordinate with healthcare institutions and partner offices in addressing and helping participants who are suspected to be positive of the virus
  • Working closely with government institutions in expanding the breadth and efficiency of their services

Finding an NDIS registered provider

Providers are people who are responsible for delivering and implementing the assistance and support of the agency to the recipients or participants. Providers for each participant are determined by their location, as well as the services that a participant needs for them to attain their objectives and goals.

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Participants are assured that they are assigned or partnered with trained, qualified, and experienced providers to ensure they maximize the assistance they get from the agency. To learn more about how you can avail NDIS services, you can also check nearby partner officers and organizations that implement their programs to qualified participants.