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With its sense of freedom, adventure, and camaraderie, motorcycle touring is becoming an increasingly popular hobby and lifestyle. However, embarking on motorcycle adventures, locally or abroad, often requires transporting your bikes to your starting destination.

Choosing a reliable auto shipping company to handle the logistics of shipping your motorcycles is key to ensuring a stress-free start to your journey.

This guide will walk through what to look for in an auto shipping partner for local and international motorcycle transport and tips for a smooth shipping process.

Local Motorcycle Shipping

The convenience and affordability of using a local auto transport company make them an ideal option for transporting your bikes within the United States.

Benefits of using a local company include:

  • Familiarity with local road regulations and permitting requirements.
  • Shorter transport times for quicker delivery.
  • Lower costs compared to international shipping.
  • Ability to inspect and meet the company in person.

When selecting a local auto shipping partner, key factors to consider are:

Reputation and Reviews: Check the Better Business Bureau and other independent review sources to verify the company’s reputation. Companies with many glowing reviews and a longstanding positive reputation assure quality service.

Insurance Coverage: Damage and theft coverage offers peace of mind in case unforeseen occur in transit.

Pricing Transparency: Upfront and clear pricing helps you budget and avoids hidden fees.

A streamlined process for shipping locally is:

  • Prepare the motorcycle by removing loose items and disabling alarms.
  • Research shipping companies and get quotes. Read reviews and validate proper licensing and insurance.
  • Schedule the pickup and delivery after comparing prices and options.
  • Complete any necessary paperwork for the shipment.
  • Upon delivery, thoroughly inspect the motorcycle before accepting it.
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International Motorcycle Shipping

While shipping motorcycles overseas requires more logistics, the ability to ride in new countries makes the extra effort worthwhile. Trusting the intricacies of professionals is key.

The benefits of using a specialized international auto shipping company are:

  • Expertise in competent international shipping, including using sea freight when most economical.
  • Familiarity with import and export regulations to handle customs paperwork.
  • Established networks of global partners to coordinate international transport.
  • Ability to track shipments and provide regular communication for peace of mind.

For a smooth overseas motorcycle delivery, be sure to check:

Experience: Choose an established company with extensive expertise in international motorcycle shipping.

Customs Expertise: They should be well-versed in import and export regulations and related paperwork changes.

Global Network: An established worldwide network of partners allows seamless door-to-door delivery.

Carefully preparing and communicating with your chosen international shipping pro will help ensure an easy import process:

  1. Research companies and confirm they have expertise in your destination country. Get quotes from multiple providers.
  2. Understand the destination country’s import regulations and required documentation, such as ownership certificates and registration paperwork.
  3. Properly package your motorcycle following the company’s guidelines to avoid damage.
  4. Coordinate pickup and delivery logistics with the origin and destination.
  5. Track the shipment and contact your service provider to understand the motorcycle’s progress, including the estimated arrival time.

Tips for Smooth Shipping

Follow these tips when preparing your bike for transport and working with any auto shipping company for smooth motorcycle shipping and peace of mind:

  • Drain motorcycle fluids and the gas tank according to the company’s instructions.
  • Remove unsecured accessories and fragile items like mirrors to prevent damage.
  • Keep all keys, paperwork, registration, and insurance info together to hand over to the company.
  • Take photos of any existing damage for insurance claims.
  • Carefully inspect the motorcycle at delivery before accepting it.
  • Understand your insurance coverage, limits, and deductibles if a claim arises.
  • Make sure you’re present to accept delivery and sign off on the paperwork.
  • Track your bike’s shipping progress and estimated arrival time with the company throughout its journey.
  • Keep copies of all shipping paperwork, such as Bills of Lading and invoices.
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Conclusion: Choose a Reputable Motorcycle Shipping Company

The thrill of cross-country or international motorcycle adventures starts with safe, reliable transport of your bike to the starting line. Choosing an experienced and specialized motorcycle shipping company for the job allows peace of mind during planning. Key factors are stellar reviews, proper equipment, transparent pricing, and expert service, whether shipping locally or overseas.

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