The SBI PO exam is conducted to recruit people for the post of the PO – probationary officer. There are a large number of aspirants who appear for this exam as it is one of the most sought-after jobs in the country. The SBI PO exam is conducted in three rounds: Prelims, Mains, and the group discussion/interview round. The level of competition in the exam is high and the syllabus is very vast as well.


The syllabus for the SBI PO exam comprises English language, Quantitative aptitude, and reasoning ability. One should make an organized schedule for their preparation and follow it consistently to clear the exam and secure the job of an SBI PO. To perform well in an exam, it is important to be aware of its syllabus and the exam pattern. So go through the list of topics that will be important for the exam. Also, gaining knowledge of the pattern of the question paper will help you in feeling more prepared. 

Since the English language is a part of the syllabus, you must prepare for it. If you are good at the language already, you can improve by increasing your vocabulary and grammar skills. If you feel like you are not good at the language, you don’t need to be tense, as you can improve your skills. To improve your language skills for the SBI PO exam, you must start reading books in the English language. 


If you prepare for this part of the exam carefully, it will help you in saving a lot of time and scoring a lot of marks. So, make it a habit to read English books, magazines, or even newspapers daily. To improve your vocabulary, you can keep a list of new words that you have learned. You must also follow the news regularly for the exam. General knowledge is a vast subject on its own, the only way to be good at it would be by being consistent. Be regular with the happenings around the world, learn to stay updated about important current matters. 

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To make sure that you remember those events for the SBI PO exam, you must keep a note of those happenings, you can make a notebook which you can refer to for the important news that you had seen in the past month or so. Since the exam is focused on banking, you must also keep yourself updated on the business world. Read magazines that report news and updates related to banking. This will help you in preparing for the interview round as well, where you will surely be interrogated on topics related to the world of banking. 

Maths is also an essential part of your preparation. While preparing for the exam, it is important to practice in a way that your speed and accuracy in solving questions increases. If prepared efficiently, you have a great scope of scoring good marks in this section. Consistency is important for this section as well. You must prepare all of the topics for the exam. Make sure that you practice as many questions as possible. The more questions you practice, the less will be the number of mistakes that you might make in the final exam. 

To practice, you can also find sample papers and preparation material online, this will prove to be extremely helpful in your preparation. When you practice a sample paper, it will help you in understanding the pattern of the exam as well. A sample paper will help you in assessing yourself on all the topics of the exam and your time management skills as well. If you feel like you need to improve your time management skills, you must practice a few sample papers. 

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To improve your speed and accuracy for the maths section, you can go online to learn simple tricks to solve the questions. Learn shortcuts that could bring down the time in which you solve an answer. 

Practicing for the reasoning section might seem to be confusing, as there are no fixed formulae of doing so. This part of the exam will check your presence of mind and critical thinking skills. You can practice questions from different topics, this will help you in increasing your knowledge about the subject. 

Remember, the more questions you practice, the easier it will be for you during the exam. When you practice questions, you will be able to form your theories and formulae for solving the questions. So, practice is the key. You should be strategic with your preparation, and be careful that you do not leave anything for the last moment. Also, remember to keep revising the notes that you had made earlier from time to time. 

You can refer to different youtube channels and blogs as well, which focus mainly on the preparation for banking exams. 

When you look for books to refer to for your preparation, remember to do your research, as you do not want to buy a lot of useless books. You must buy books which are useless and comprise of a lot of important questions. Remember, it is about the quality of the books you buy, not about the quantity. When you attempt the paper, do not answer questions by ‘guesswork’. You should be accurate with your calculations.

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Remember to manage your time properly during the exam. Make sure to carry your SBI PO admit card. Do not waste a lot of time on a single question, if a question seems difficult, you can solve other questions first and then come back to it later. Remember to divide your time properly between the different sections in a way that you can spend a good amount of time on every question. 

If you follow an organized strategy and remain consistent with your preparation, you will surely perform well. Remember to believe in yourself, and be positive while attempting the paper. To get more tips for preparation – see more here.

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