Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Home Office

Working from home can be fun, but if not managed well it can raise problems. One of the most essential aspects that impact your productivity is your home office set-up. Needless to say, working from home boosts your productivity and helps in fostering a healthier lifestyle.

But many people cannot make the best use of this opportunity. They fail to reap the potential benefits of remote working. This is because they fail to realize some common home office set up mistakes, which we’ll be discovering in this article.

Read along to know 5 common home office setup mistakes

Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Home Office

Mistake 1: Too Much Clutter

Too much clutter all around can hinder your work and can also limit your creativity. Therefore, make sure your working space is clean and free of unnecessary things. To avoid this mistake:

  • Limit personal items on your computer table.
  • Remove anything that tends to distract you.
  • Have dedicated storage such as bins and baskets for keeping essential items.
  • Add elements that enhance the visual appeal of your work area.

Mistake 2: Not paying attention to Ergonomics

Another common mistake that people commit is to not pay attention to the ergonomics of office furniture. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for long hours may raise health issues. Thus, it is worth investing in quality pieces that are designed ergonomically to provide you with the needed support and comfort.

When shopping for office furniture, pay attention to the following factors while considering ergonomics:

  • The Desk height should provide good armrest and view for the computer screen.
  • The Chair height should be adjustable to fit your height and preferred working style.
  • The design of the chair should be customized to support different body postures.
  • An office chair should be equally supportive and comfortable.

Check ergonomically compliant office chair price to ensure better health and productivity. 

Mistake 3: Failing to pay heed to Light

Here comes another mistake, not paying attention to lighting. Dull, dark, and dreary lighting negatively impacts your mood. Whereas, a well-lit room will make you feel energized, focused, healthier, and happier. So, weigh yourself where you stand. Is there proper lighting in your home office or not?

  • Make sure to best utilize natural sunlight.
  • If there is no sufficient sunlight, go for anti-glare light sources.
  • Create layers of lighting using different sources for different tasks.

Mistake 4: Confined Space with Too Many Distractions Around

It is no secret; working from home is full of distractions. Be it kids, TV, background noises, there is hell a lot of things that might disturb you and prevent you from working efficiently. So, to limit them and try your best to consider the following tips:

  • Keep your home office space and personal space separate.
  • For setting up a home office, choose a less busy room.
  • If you tend to get distracted by the outside view, then do not place your work desk in front of the window.

Hence, to ensure everything goes smoothly and fine, avoid these common mistakes while setting up a home office.

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