Marvel Crisis Protocol Game Review 

Marvel crisis protocol is a game that puts the popular Marvel comic in the face of the world. A skirmish miniature game putting two players head-to-head saddled with control of superheroes or villains as the case may be.

The core set of the game provides for all the materials that gamers need to get started with different availability of expansions for player modifications. By the way, you can get the Marvel Crisis Protocol game here at unplugged gaming.

Game Overview 

The first peck of this game is in the size of the miniature. The miniatures in this game are a little bigger than your average wargames with the size of 40mm compared to 28mm found in other wargames with the option of painting the miniatures yourself. 

The goal of the game is to be the first player to win the 16 victory points. How this is ensured is different from player to player and from level to level. At the start of the game, there is this drawing of two crisis cards that establish the scenario, the rules, and the scoring conditions. 

The two players begin with a squad of 4-6 models. Before starting this game, you want to ensure you have at least 10 models to select from. This is so because each level offers a different threat. Famous characters such as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Black Widow making the Avengers Team and Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Doctor Octopus, Crossbones, and Ultron making the Cabal Team. Players have the choice of using the heroes team alone or mixing the heroes with the villains. 

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As the game progresses, each character accumulates energy tokens which are used to activate individual character special abilities or powers and the team tactics cards. It is to be known that a character at a turn only receives a single energy token which can not afford power on its own, so much need to earn either through special effects or suffering damages. 

The terrain of the game is a great peck too as it affords your character the ability to pick up some of the terrains and smash the opponents with it. Though there may be a limited cover and line of sight system (most times ignored by characters’ superpowers), it’s really fun and seeing characters (both heroes and villains) throwing themselves around or smashing debris into another.

Though the game is full of various rules it is quite easy to figure out. Every one of the characters has their unique way and the ability to quickly figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each. This adds a lot of fun to the mechanics of the game. The only difficulty I can lay my hands on is in the choice of strategy, crew build-up, and the choice of characters in countering those of your opponent.  

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Marvel; Crisis Protocol is a cool game as it offers great themes that look lifelike as though you are enjoying your favorite comics scene in Marvel Universe. The themes also avail you the opportunity to replicate such favorite scenes in the game.

Looking for a fine miniatures game with a cool theme, beautiful model, and easy to adapt to rule, then you should consider checking out Marve: Crisis Protocol. 

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