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You may have heard of either the term ‘walk-in closet’ or a ‘built-in closet’ mentioned, especially when getting a new house built for yourself. These have been a popular option in many homes for decades and the concept surrounds the idea of creating an efficient storage space for your wardrobe.

You can store anything from clothes to shoes and even Jewellery and handbags. As one of the more innovative and creative solutions to keep the mess of wardrobe accessories at bay, these are a very clever way to hide things away behind closed doors, or open, if you prefer.

Instead of having different cupboards and drawers to keep your items separately, such as coats, socks, underwear, shoes, trousers, and dresses, to name a few, you can keep everything together in one space and not have to rummage around multiple places to find things.

One of the best things about these, when getting them built, is the concept of customization. Having a space for its purpose also frees up our busy minds, which also helps keep our minds from everyday clutter as mentioned in this article. Even though you could also invest in an already built-in one, how much better would it be to fit the design around your style and comforts?

Advantages of a Luxury Walk-In Closet

The idea when getting these built is to maximize space. With so many different ideas to customize things, it could make your head spin, but with just a few touches, you can create a great space for yourself and, if allowed, your partner too. Some of these are mentioned here: and others in the chapter below.


When it comes to storage solutions, a walk-in closet takes the winning position. As the name suggests, it is a small room that you can walk into easily and comfortably to choose an item of clothing and accessories that are on average around 7 feet in length. There are larger ones that allow you to change inside as well, and a mirror can be placed on one end for you to check yourself out.

These can be as large as a standard master bedroom in a home. The great thing is when you customize it, you can choose to add or remove any components from it such as an island in the middle of a drawer installed on the walls, sliding doors, shelves, and more. Adding a personal touch to it is what it’s all about.

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There are various advantages to this, some of which include:

  • If you choose to get it fitted with a dressing area, then it can double up as both a storage and dressing room for you.
  • They have vast storage for almost anything and some people even choose to add a built-in ironing board to them, which can fold up or sit underneath its shelf.
  • It is a convenient way to keep everything in the same place, saving you time and hassles when looking for something.
  • The clutter that the majority of people find in their bedrooms, can all go inside the walk-in closet, so that your bedroom, which to most of us is our sanctuary, can be left tidy.
  • You can choose what to wear and get dressed in it without having to walk around your room.
  • You could also add a dressing table to your personalized luxury custom walk in closets area, additionally benefitting your morning and evening routine instead of having to do this in the bathroom, which also has a tenfold advantage of not having to clean both your bedroom and bathroom once you’re done getting dressed.
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Making the Most Out Of it

Use storage solutions: this could be anything from storage boxes to baskets that can be placed underneath shelves or on the floor.

Off-season storage: this is the idea of keeping shoes and items you don’t normally wear inside the closet and those that you do frequently wear, based on the season, outside the cupboards on the floor.

Don’t forget the walls: if you live in a small space but still want to be creative, why not add some pieces to the wall like artworks, paint, or wall hangings. A few ideas have been mentioned here for you to get a feel for something.

The right hangers will make a difference: using the right hangers also makes a difference with space. Try using all the same types of hangers and not too bulky ones. similar items should be kept together.

And the door: that’s right – you can also make use of any closet doors to handbags and scarves on.

Hanging space: any consultant would tell you that you can double up your hanging space with a few innovative ideas, especially for items such as shirts, blouses, and shorts or skirts. One great idea is to have one space above or underneath the other. Other similar ideas to double up the space can be found here:

With some ingenious planning and you can transform any space into one of these or get your very own one built according to how you like it.

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