Lonavala: Top Places to Visit There!

If you want to feel refreshing and light then you must go out for a trip. And if you are not sure about which place you should go to then check out Lonavala.  It is a very well-known Hill Station in Maharashtra. During monsoons, this spot turns into a paradise surrounded by the regal Sahyadri hills capped with lots of greeneries, sparkling lakes, and even that of many waterfalls. 

Lonavala: Top Places to Visit There!

And if you are going there for a few days then you can book comfortable and exciting Villas in Lonavala. You can have a great time once you are there. Here are some of the amazing spots that you can explore right away. After all, once you know about different spots, you can know which one should be on your traveling list on the priority.

Tungarli Lake

It is truly the best amazing spot to visit for peace seekers in Lonavala. This hidden ornament in the heart of Lonavala forms an ideal recreational spot to escape from the droning busy schedules. Sit on the bridge with an umbrella and allow your feet dangle, as you relish the verdant backdrop, sparkling water, and the fresh cold raindrops. When the lake is full of water, it looks completely romantic, which then fascinates photographers and couples from nearby cities. This lake not just attracts the nature lovers but even gives opportunities of wonderful trekking and backpack camping to the adventure seeker. It makes it one of the finest places to visit in Lonavala. 

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Tiger Point

At six hundred meter height, Tiger Point, which is even known as Tiger’s Leap, offers amazing views of forests, lavish greenery, waterfalls, and lakes around. As it resembles a leaping tiger’s shape, the spot is known so. In case you are here during monsoon, you would have a spellbinding session with the refreshing clouds flowing over and around you minimizing visibility but exploiting the heavenly feeling you experience here. The splendid sunrise and sunset views from there are hypnotic. The place , in short, is a nature lover’s final dream destination. You cannot miss out on this. It is a perfect place for you if you are a nature seeker and photographer.

Bhushi Dam

Built on the Indrayani River, Bhushi Dam is amidst the most popular and best spots to visit in Lonavala. This is a picturesque spot and its vivacious water running down the dam makes it appear really stunning during monsoon. Even though jumping in the dam is forbidden, the lavish greens, rugged terrains, and even that of chilly water fascinate all kinds of crowd when the rain pours down. No matter young or old, everybody relishes splashing in it, sitting on the refreshing steps, and bathe in rainwater. Hence, you can have a good time here with your loved ones.

Bhaja Caves

You know, Bhaja Caves are amidst the most ancient Buddhist centers in this area of the world. They are more than 2200 years old. The 22 rock-cut caves at the hill top showcase the astonishing architectural skills possessed by the art and craftsmen of the past. Visit the caves in the evenings to have a good photo session. Since the caves face the west, you can possess a great view of the caves after 3.00 pm and to picture the caves when the sunlight beams on would add a hypnotic effect. The finest time to visit the caves is going to be during monsoon season as you can relish the rich greenery around; you cannot miss out the waterfalls nearby, which has water flowing down in abundance during monsoon. You surely will have a rich and exciting time.

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Kune Falls

The fourteenth highest waterfall in the nation , Kune Falls fall from an aptitude around 650 feet. Thanks to its amazing location amidst twin hills known as Lonavala and Khandala, Kune Falls offers pictorial delight to viewers. The lavish greenery around the imposing fall is awe-inspiring. The three tiered waterfalls must be visited during monsoon to relish the views to the fullest. You can even capture some amazing shots here. This place is going to be a refreshing spot for anyone and everyone.

Lion’s Point-

It is one of the most stunning places for spectacular sunsets. Actually, it is a mesmeric and one of the most often visited viewpoints in Lonavala. Perched on a cliff, the spot offers lovely sunset views. The list of places to visit in Lonavala  cannot be complete without Lion’s Point. Known for both evening and night trekking, Lion’s Point is in the middle of the best places to visit in Lonavala at night for people who love adventure.

Karla Caves

Nature and the artistic brilliance in man fight a friendly fight here to reign supreme. Though nature is the utmost winner, the architectural brilliance of man is not to be undervalued. Karla Caves is a wonderful example of the artisanship of man as early as around 80 BC. Karla Caves are a wonderful representation of architectural brilliance. To reach the caves, you require to climb around 300 steep steps and you are not going to regret it. The sculptures are beautifully intricate, the pillars and the carvings are simply beyond description. If you love art then you should not miss out on this spot.

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Rajmachi Fort

Okay so if you are a fan of forts then this one should be there on your list for sure. A popular spot to visit in Lonavala, Rajmachi Fort offers wonderful and fabulous scenery. The rural surrounding looks even greener and lush during monsoon. It even offers you the amazing views of verdant Western Ghats and even that of Shirota Dam. Hikers and trekkers enjoy visiting Rajmachi Fort during monsoon and a few adventure freaks ride their bikes up to the fort as it rains, it is the reason it is tops every type of list of the Lonavala visiting spots. You can even have a quality time here with your friends or loved ones.


So, you can check out Villas in Lonavala for your comfortable stayover and explore amazing spots in this region of country.

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