Many countries have earned unthinkable sums of money on online casinos and also on land-based gambling establishments. Thanks to the legalization of the gambling business, Ukraine can also reach a new level.

List of countries that make money on legal casinos

According to many experts, as a consequence of the legalization of gambling establishments, more tourists will arrive in our country, and accordingly, the level of the economy will rapidly increase. Such forecasts should not be ignored, because it is thanks to the development and legalization of the gambling business that such a giant of gambling as Las Vegas takes a leading position among many other gambling cities.

It should be noted that the richest countries in the world today live with dignity thanks to the developed legal gambling business. The budgets of the richest countries are replenished precisely thanks to land-based casinos and virtual platforms. The online casino has a huge selection of different slots, so everyone will find a suitable option for themselves. Interested in Andar bahar online cash game to play for real money? After the legalization of Internet portals, you can play your favorite games, including Andar Bahar, for real money.

We propose to consider the five richest countries, the economy of which is rapidly developing thanks to the legalized gambling business.


Officially, gambling in the cities of giant China is not allowed, while Macau today can be safely called the capital of gambling. China is an advanced country that offers a huge selection of all kinds of technical systems that allow high-quality monitoring of cash flows and fight against illegal gambling establishments.

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Gambling generates more than $ 30 billion in revenue in the United States every year. In this case, we are talking about both Las Vegas and other states.

In New York, due to the quarantine, the market has significantly decreased, and, accordingly, the rental income of the real estate. To stabilize the situation, the authorities decide to establish a casino. Thus, the income from the gambling business can be used to stabilize the economy of the main metropolis of our world.

Currently, preparations are underway to legalize the gambling business (including sports betting).


Recently, the Yokohama authorities announced that the city will be creating a state-of-the-art casino complex, which will cost $ 3.4 million. This amount is included in the city budget, which indicates that the authorities are confident that this complex will bring good profit and help the city to develop rapidly.

Annual gambling revenue in Japan is over $ 20 billion. And today many world-famous companies are ready to invest their money in the development of the gambling business.

South Korea

In this country, the annual profit from gambling is about $ 5.6 billion. Of course, due to the quarantine in recent months, the figure has slightly decreased, but according to the forecasts of the well-known Korean operator, shortly, with the correct development of the gambling culture, the net profit from online casinos and land-based gambling halls could amount to more than $ 24 billion. Even though the size of the country is much lower than the population in Japan or China, experts nevertheless predict a rapid increase in profits due to the development of the gambling business.

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Gambling establishments in Germany generate annual revenues of $ 4.5 billion. But it is worth noting that this position with Germany is deservedly shared by Great Britain. In these countries, gambling is legalized and today the gambling business is developing rapidly.

According to preliminary estimates, after the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine, the profit will be about 260 million hryvnias. The authorities plan to spend this amount on the development of medicine, education, and sports.

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