KG Optics Applications and Uses

KG optics, like thin-film coatings, precision optics, and other related products and applications, are available, and experts use them for a wide variety of sensors, security, defense, and aerospace applications. Companies like Excelitas offer consumers precision optics that span the entire spectrum and are available in many forms.

The company has more than 4,800 off-the-shelf optical products people can choose from, and some of the collections are achromats with individual coatings, biconvex lenses, and plano-convex lenses.

KG Optics Applications and Uses

Others are optical design software, electro-optics, polarization optics, mirrors, and Plano. The company’s other optical systems and assemblies include turn-key systems, complex custom sub-assemblies, optronics modules, and objective lenses.

People have a one-stop source for their KG optics with manufacturing and coating capabilities, advanced optical fabrication, and broad-reaching optical expertise to meet their requirements in inspection and machine vision, electronics, defense, and laser material processing, semiconductor, medical, aerospace, and scientific research sectors.

Integrated OEM Optical Systems

When it comes to photonic solutions in semiconductor equipment, endoscopy, dentistry, biophotonics, ophthalmology, and several other sectors, people can have a value-added partnership with a company like Excelitas. The company has combined its expertise in manufacturing and developing sub-systems, modules, and customized end-to-end photonic components through its light-detection and optics technologies and an expansive advanced illumination portfolio.


Excelitas is a company that can get any prototyping and concept and passes them through engineering, manufacturing, and volume production. People can partner with them for bench-top stability and performance, clinical portability, multi-wavelength light engines, and any systems that require compact handheld designs. The company is an expert. People will find them an invaluable collaborator that can handle analysis, bio-fluid imaging, and other diagnostic imaging requirements as an expert in multi-wavelength integration, fluorescence imaging, and cellular microscopy.

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DNA Sequencing

Food safety and control, pharmacology, and medical diagnostics have a revolutionary effect from the insight gained from proteins, genes, and research. Experts can access new solution paths to diagnose stem cell sorting, virus detection, and hereditary disease through the combination of low-light-level, multi-wavelength, and stable fluorescence detection modules, X-Cite LED illuminators and iFLEX lasers. Excelitas has worked with others to develop essential molecular biology research fluorescence detection as measuring systems. The company designs the photonic detection and optical systems to increase throughput to the instrument and sensitivity while providing maximum light-capturing efficiency.

Flow Cytometry

Operators can get absolute repeatable and accurate precision through the delivery of light to their sample volume with the ultra-stable iFLEX lasers that combine kineFLEX single-mode fiber delivery systems. Whether anyone needs spectral separation and filtering to detection, beam-shaping and collection optics, and single or multi-wavelength laser, the company has experts that can master their full photometric beam path. The tested, fully-aligned, and compact Photonics Engine has all of these functions.

Dental Optics and Imaging

Professionals and individuals have been getting state-of-the-art dental equipment from photonic technologies, illumination, and optical systems Excelitas has been offering for over 20 years. From intraoral cameras to radiographic procedures and dental lights, the company has worked with various experts to manufacture and develop finished systems. The company excels in manufacturing, developing, and designing systems based on people’s requirements and concepts. People and companies can also offer budget-conscious and expedient sub-assemblies and build-to-print components.

The manufacturing company has the capabilities in optical solutions and dental imaging that range from complex optical modules to simple optical components and its expertise in Xenon and LED dental examination lighting manufacture and development. It also provides optical measuring systems and turnkey intraoral cameras for restorative and examination of dentistry CAD/CAM processes.

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3D Dental Imaging Optical Systems

For the rising popularity of dental prostheses production through CAD/CAM, an indispensable component are 3D dental cameras. The basis is 3D imaging for ideal ceramic dental prostheses fitting and milling processes. Professionals benefit from serial and industrialization production of customized optical systems for 3D dental measurement. Thus, they can have a precise full dental arch and single tooth 3D measurement.

Intraoral Cameras Optical Solutions

It is essential to document and identify dental procedures, and experts can do that through intraoral cameras. They are perfect for expediting patient care during consultations and treatments. Therefore, the industry can get autofocusing intraoral optics, which has been integrated into the dental sector.


Experts in this field can now benefit from various light, optics, and lighting detection solutions for surgical and endoscopy visualization provided by Exceitas. Professionals can now integrate the objectives, and turnkey photonic payloads and high-performance micro-optical elements of the company’s leading-edge, laser, and Carmax Xenon LED illumination solutions. With optional pinholes, it is now realistic to integrate a patented application of a chromium layer with diaphragms on a micro-optical lens directly on the lens surface.

Manufacturing and Design Services

The company will work with you to develop solutions to your designs, assemblies, and manufacture and development of customized optical components. People can also find a profitable partnership with the company for surgical visualization, endoscopy, and end-to-end photonic solutions, fluorescence imaging, fiber light delivery systems, laser engines, fluorescence excitation, and UV-Vis-IR high-performance LED sources.

Endoscopes Video Couplers

Professionals can also achieve optimal image transmission quality by getting custom solutions for pairing and mounting a wide range of cameras to their endoscopic systems, beyond micro-optics for endoscopes.

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Standard Qioptiq HD Micro Objectives

The manufacturing company, Excelitas, has stepped up the optical envelope game to a new level through its FALCON Series and the recent Qioptiq EAGLE HD micro objectives optimized for small sensors. The FALCON micro objectives have a lithographically and an integrated infra-red-absorbing-filter generated aperture in its back focal distance and a total length of only 5 mm. There is a guarantee of the illumination intensity optimal homogeneity through these objectives’ unvignetted image.


Professionals can also benefit from the high-precision illumination, laser, and optical solutions for retinal diagnostic instrumentation, ophthalmic measurement, and refractive surgery instrumentation. Experts can get fiber delivery systems, precision laser engines, turnkey sub-assemblies, and complex optical assemblies through the company’s retinal diagnostics. The company has an in-depth knowledge of optical coherence tomography, fluorescence analysis, color and IR fundus photography, and retinal scanning. Experts can access eye fixation projection since multiple perfectly-aligned beam paths are necessary for high-resolution fundus imaging solutions. Others are NIR retinal preview, OCT retinal scanning or High-resolution retina imaging, fundus illumination, and additional pupil alignment solutions.

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