Key Factors To Consider When Deciding What Is High Mileage For a Used Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are in high demand as they aren’t just fun to ride, they can also take you anywhere. However, because they are so popular there are many of them on the market, making it a viable option to purchase a used dirt bike.

However, before you jump in you need to consider several things:

Road Or Not?

There are plenty of dirt bikes that are designed to operate solely off-road and these are great bikes. But, you should also take a look at other options, such as these KTM dirt bikes Sydney. There are options that will allow you to use them on road and off-road. This effectively increases the fun and practicality of any bike you choose.


20,000 miles on a dirt bike is a lot if the bike is only a year or two old. But, if the dirt bike you are looking at is five or even ten years old with 20,000 miles on the clock, it is unlikely to be considered high mileage.

It can be difficult to decide an exact level but a good average for a dirt bike is 3,000 miles per year. This makes it easy to decide if the used bike you are looking at is above or below average mileage.

Of course, once dirt bikes get over 20-25,000 miles you’ll want to perform a variety of other checks.


A key factor in deciding high mileage is how well the bike has been looked after. If it has been serviced regularly and is in great condition then the owner has probably taken good care of it and a higher mileage is unlikely to be an issue.

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Equally, if the bike hasn’t been serviced and no longer looks its best then you don’t know what issues you may be facing and, in this scenario, 10,000 miles can be high mileage.

Riding Style

If possible you should also verify the riding style of the previous owner. A bike that is constantly ridden hard is more likely to experience mechanical issues, with the engine and the other components, particularly brakes and suspension.

If you can’t verify the riding style you’ll need to take a good look at the bike to assess what damage has been done.

Don’t forget, that if you are purchasing a dirt bike from a dealer then you are more likely to get warranties and other safeguards that can give you the confidence you need when purchasing a used dirt bike. This won’t be an option if you purchase privately and you may end up with an expensive repair bill.

Remember, dirt bikes generally have a hard life as they are ridden on mud, sand, and other materials that are not conducive to the health of the engine. 20,000 miles is acceptable on a well-looked after bike. But, anything over 30,000 miles should always be avoided, unless you are planning to rebuild the engine.

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