How to slow down myopia progression in kids?

To those who are not well-versed on the subject of eye terminology, myopia is a common refractive error wherein the eyeball becomes too long or the cornea gets too curved. Therefore, the light entering the eyes isn’t focused directly on the retina and the distant objects appear blurred.

Myopia is a common condition that affects 1 in 3 people in the UK. Also, 10% of primary school children in the UK have this vision problem. Myopia progresses from the age of 6 to 20 when the eyes are still developing and thus, children have a higher risk of developing this condition.

How to slow down myopia progression in kids?

Myopia or nearsightedness can also occur in older adults due to stress or medical conditions such as diabetes. It ranges from mild, that won’t require treatment to severe, that can affect your vision significantly.


What causes myopia?

What causes myopia is still unknown besides the common factors including your family’s medical history and lifestyle. If both your parents are short-sighted, you are twice more likely to become myopic than other kids of your age.

It is also linked with over-focus on nearby objects. College students locking in on computer screens or teenage folks indulging too much in close up tasks such as reading have a higher risk of becoming short sighted.

Myopia can take a negative toll on your kid’s everyday activities and may even pave the way for future eye health problems. Luckily, there are glasses with corrective lenses that will improve your child’s vision.

Symptoms of myopia

Vision changes are subtle and children often don’t pay any attention to eye problems. Moreover, some children, especially the teenagers, hide these eyesight problems to avoid getting glasses. However, when you buy glasses online, you gain access to thousands of different frame styles in different hues to accentuate your looks.

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According to the NHS (National Health Service), people under 16 years of age should schedule an eye exam once every year. But if your kid has been complaining about the following problems, don’t wait and book an eye exam right away:

  • Sitting close to the TV and computers to see clearly
  • Rubbing eyes too much
  • Sitting on the front desk in the classroom as they find it difficult to see the board clearly from the back bench
  • Persistent headaches or stressed eyes

How to slow down myopia progression in children?

Myopia gets even worse as you continue to grow because your eyes will continue to grow as well. If you don’t want this problem to get in the way of your child’s future, here are the things that will help.

Digital detox

Spending too much time staring at digital screens will only worsen the condition of your myopic eyes. Today, children spend countless hours on digital devices which is not deemed good for their eyesight. These blue light from electronic devices disrupt your circadian rhythm and triggers the symptoms of digital eye strain such as headaches and blurry vision.

If your child has online lessons to attend, encourage them to wear blue light glasses. They will filter out the bad light and ensure maximum eye comfort even when they are in front of a digital screen.

Encourage them to play outside

Indoor activities such as watching TV and reading require close up focus which can weaken their distant vision over time. Encouraging them to indulge in outside play will improve their distant vision. Also, outdoor activities under the sun will give them a boost of vitamin D which is considered to be valuable for their eye health.

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Use corrective eyewear

For most people with myopic eyes, eyeglasses can help correct your vision. You will be generally prescribed single vision lenses that you will need to wear during certain activities or all day based on the severity of your condition.

For people above 40 who are presbyopic and have also developed myopia due to visual stress or close up work will need prescription glasses with varifocal lenses.

As we get older, our eye movements become rigid and they become inefficient in bending the light on the retina. It causes a decline in our near vision and you may face trouble doing activities such as reading and sewing. This will require you to wear reading glasses so you can see the nearby objects clearly.

How to prevent myopia?

Refractive errors can only be cured with laser eye treatment or eye surgeries. Which is why you must pay attention to your eye health while they can still be protected.

Eye exercises are a great way to keep eye strain at bay and ensure a great optic health. Moreover, you must also be careful of your kid’s diet. Including nutrients and minerals in their diet will strengthen their eyes from within which will reflect in their sharp vision. Make sure their meal is rich with fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables and nuts.

As parents, it is your duty to care for your kid’s health when they are not careful enough to do it themselves.

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