How to set up a Ubee router?

Ubee is a remarkable company that has been producing routers for many years. There are many happy customers that use Ubee routers for internet access. And the users recommend the company for other internet equipment.

How to set up a Ubee router?

If you are a new user of Ubee, then this post will help you. We will show you the procedure to set up your router. After reading this post, you can easily set up your Ubee router without any difficulty. So, you must keep reading this post. It will educate you in a simple manner.

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What you will require?

To set up a Ubee router, you need the following things ready.

  • Your local system must be connected with the internet.
  • You must have a laptop or desktop computer where you can access it through the browser.
  • The router’s box of Ubee to know the username and password.

If you have all the above things ready, then you can proceed to the setup process, which is given below.

Step 1: Open your browser

You will need an IP address or URL to access the login page. So, you must open your web browser and put the IP address in the URL box. Every Ubee router has an IP address, which is http:// or http://

To access the login page, your system must be connected with the Wi-Fi system.

Step 2: Login to Ubee router

After entering the IP address, you need to hit the enter button. It will open the login page for the Ubee router. Now, you need to enter the username and password. You can get the username and password from the router’s box. If you are the new user, then you can use the following.

  • The default username is the “User” without quotation marks.
  • The default password is the “User” without quotation marks.
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If you have changed the username and password, then you must use them. And if you do not remember the details, then you must simply reset the router by pressing the reset button for 15 seconds. It will allow you to reset the username and password.

Step 3: Changing the default settings

Now, you can change the default settings such as username, password, SSID, and many other important things. So, you must follow the steps.

  • You must go to the homepage.
  • After that, you must click on the “Tools” option.
  • After that, you can see the password option.
  • Now, you must change the password and follow the screen prompt.
  • We advise you to set a password with a minimum of 15 characters.

To change SSID

SSID is the name that you choose for Wi-Fi. So, you must follow these steps.

  • Go to the homepage.
  • Now, you must locate the “Wireless” option.
  • Now, you will see the SSID name, which will be set by default.
  • So, you must change the SSID with your desired name.
  • After that, you must follow the screen prompt.

Wrap up

We have described the way to set up a Ubee router. Now, you can use the information to set up your Ubee router. Have a good day. Techwarior is the place to visit for more similar guides on routers.

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