Agile is now the number one delivery method. Let’s dive in. Let’s talk about traditional management and engineering. Here you can see the old school waterfall design methodology, where you have requirements, and when they are done, they flow down into design, and when the design is ready, it flows down into implementation.

And when implementation is complete, you then check to see whether or not you got what you expected, and then finally, what is built is put into maintenance. Now, requirements, design, implementation, verification, and maintenance are all performed traditionally by different contractors or different providers. So you have a requirements contractor or a specialist, a building or implementation specialist, and then you have a verification specialist. And this is to help both in terms of cost management but also in terms of ensuring that no one is collaborating too much. What you end up with is a very integrated system and underneath the hood, if you think about any kind of work, that as an application it could be a car where a car has doors, and it has engines, and it has a chassis, and they’re all connected by wires for controls, or it could be a rocket which has cooling systems, propulsion systems, life sustainment systems, sensors, or it could be a piece of software, like an app on your phone, which can save data and send information.

Some of the methods have been described in the followings:-

  1. Remember Rules and Regulation 

    Collect all the rules and regulations from the internet as well as from textbooks also. After getting all the rules to write them down in a notebook. Understand the rules and regulations and have some practices that make the student more comfortable during the examination.

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Clear all the doubts, which makes confusion so that during the examination, much dilemma will not occur. CSM Certification Follow all the rules and regulations which have been instructed to get a good impression on the invigilator. 

  1. Understanding the Lesson

   Get everything thoroughly in a detailed manner so that it would help to achieve very good marks in the examination. During studying each lesson, don’t read speedily have a good vision on each sub-heading and short notes also because they come as multiple choice question in the examination which most of the students give up and they get poor marks.

Have a summary after completion of each chapter so that it would be a type of practice for remembering each topic in the particular chapter.

  1. How to Study 

   It is the most important how to study? The student must have faith in their soul that they can clear the examination. Self-confidence is key to success. The student makes a time table for the studies, which will help him a lot. Having regular practice in the problematic area will increase the speed of the student. Remembering the theories and daily practicing it will help in having a better capacity of memory power.

The student must have to study a minimum of 14-15 hours a day to have a better score in the examination. He should choose the timing which is suitable for him and in which he is more comfortable so that he can study properly without any disturbance. 

  1. Before the Examination

   Before going to the examination hall, have a proper sleep and take some rest. The day before the examination day at night, sleep early and give a break to the brain. Eat food, revise the important things that have the most chances to come into it. Have self-confidence and with a positive attitude, go to the examination center.

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Be early to reach the examination center because it has been found due to late in reaching the examination center some of the places students are not being allowed to give the exam. Don’t talk very much with others so that it would create any problem. 

  1. During the Examination

   While attempting the exam, try to attempt all the questions so that after appearing, the examination student will not be sad that he had not attended the questions. Read the question paper and the instruction page properly so it would be easy to attain the question properly within the time limit. Have better and clear handwriting so that the examiner can read the answer properly. Answer the question in such a manner so that the examiner would have interest in the answer paper and give full marks.

Don’t try to give an answer more than the word limit since it will take more time and doesn’t it make any sense. Presenting the answer in such a way that it should be on point. Don’t try to give the wrong answer, which will create a negative impact on the examiner, and marks would be deducted. Make sure that you would attempt all the questions, so before submission of the answer sheet, have a double-check that all questions have been answered. Try to keep the answer sheet fair and do the rough work on the last page of the answer sheet.

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