How To Get The Most Out Of Microsoft Teams

Since more people are working from home nowadays, there is a strong demand to find tools that can make their work faster and more efficient. They would download apps or sign in to different online sites that can boost their performance and connect them faster with their colleagues. One of the most popular tools intended for this purpose is Microsoft Teams.

Launched globally in March 2017, it currently has over 13 million users from different parts of the world. While this virtual workplace app comes with a user-friendly interface, first-time remote workers have no idea how this tool can work. MS Teams providers explained that it is the best tool that businesses and organisations can use to simplify their tasks.

Here is more information that you need to know if you are considering signing up for the services offered by MS Teams providers to make your remote work easier.

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is recognised as one of the most useful video conferencing and team messaging apps today. It allows two or more people to talk to each other with the use of a group text chat or a one-on-one text chat. It also has dedicated video calling and file-sharing functions.

While it is a free application, the MS Teams providers can help you monitor the activities of the team established by any organisation. They can guarantee the efficiency and productivity of the team all the time.

Creating Customised Notifications Starting At The App Level

The notifications that the staff gets from the team chat apps will allow each member to stay in the loop regarding essential company topics. But some messages that are not exactly important can distract them from their current tasks. These distractions can be avoided if you customise the notifications.

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The notification function can be tweaked at the app level, the channel level, and the conversion level. But it would be best if you will make the custom notification changes at the app level since you can allow the tool to send notifications for direct messages, mentions, or any account changes like when another member joins or leaves the team.

You can make the changes by clicking your profile icon located at the upper right corner of the interface, then choose the Settings tab. From there, you can choose the Notifications tab to click on the option that you desire.

Send Private Chats Without Leaving An Active Channel

The Microsoft Teams is designed to keep channels separate from the chats. It can be a disadvantage if you need to send a quick message to someone from your team privately while having a group conversation.

However, you can still send a private message without the need to get off the channel chat group. You only need to select the profile of your colleague who you want to receive your message. A box will then appear on your tool to let you select from several options that you can select for communicating with that person. You only need to select the message field to send a quick note.

Share Screen

Since you need to work far from each other, the luxury of asking your teammate to browse through your screen on your work desk during group collaboration will not be possible. It is important if you want to share spreadsheets or a copy of an upcoming project report. Fortunately, MS Teams allow you to share your screen online.

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You can do this by calling the person with whom you want to share your screen, then select the Screen Sharing option located at the bottom part of the window. It is best to ask your MS Team providers if they allow the screen sharing function to make this option work.

Using Microsoft Teams can be an ideal way to work in a remote environment. If you learn all the tips and tricks, you will be able to get the most out of this online collaboration tool to foster better productivity for your team. It will also help you finish all the necessary group work without the need to step out of the house and go to the office.

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