How to Generate More Leads with a Better Call to Action

Calls to action – they’re the pet peeve of many marketing experts because businesses spend little time writing them even though they play a huge role in whether somebody converts. Well done for reaching this guide and wanting to learn the secrets to a strong CTA. Without further ado, here are some of the most effective tips!

Make Them Clear

You won’t believe the number of ads and landing pages that struggle to perform simply because the CTA isn’t visible enough. For example, your CTA should ALWAYS be above the fold. In other words, leads should be able to see the CTA before even scrolling down the page.

In addition to placement, think about colors and make your CTA stand out as much as possible. What do you want leads to do? Tell them while using concise language (and while using a clear, eye-catching button!).

Take a Universal Approach

If you use CTAs, each a different color, leads will inherently think that each does something different. It’s just the way the human brain works, and this will prevent leads from clicking. For example, you might have a red and a yellow button. Even if they do the same thing, leads will think they’re different and this will hinder performance. Try to keep all CTAs consistent and universal in language, color, and design.

Be Honest

Unfortunately, consumers are tired of all the tricks that businesses play on them. Therefore, they will appreciate the honest approach, King Kong’s awesome new website. They really seem to present their offer without fluff and hidden agendas. In this digital age, you really want to find an agency that stands out from the rest. With this in mind, include the full price of products, be honest about your service, and try to be transparent. If you hide an important detail, this only causes frustration (and another lost customer!).

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Research Command Words

When adding CTAs to your landing page or ads, it’s also important to consider command words. As the name suggests, these are words that tell the user exactly what they’ll do when clicking. Here are some common command words for CTAs:

  • Order
  • Buy
  • Shop
  • Subscribe
  • Download

If you use the word ‘Download’, the consumer knows that they will download the content by clicking on the CTA. Likewise, the word ‘Order’ shows that this is the place to take their interest further. After looking at a product, hiding the Order button only encourages consumers to click away. Why do this?

Play on FOMO

Do you ever get jealous when your friends go to a restaurant? Well, the same thing happens in the world of marketing, and it’s called FOMO (fear of missing out). You can create FOMO with your CTAs by using urgent language. Look all around the internet and you’ll see examples of FOMO as brands encourage leads ‘not to miss out’ on a ‘limited-time only’ promotion.

Speak to the Audience

In truth, this goes for the whole landing page – speak to the audience and tell them what they want to hear. Too often, businesses create content that they like writing. They talk about the amazing features of their product and about why they’re the best around. Instead, you should focus on why customers should want to spend their money with you (or sign up for a newsletter, or whatever your desired conversion action may be!).

Rather than constantly bragging and shouting about your service, make it so that the customers NEED your product in their lives. Use emotional language, explain how the product fits into their lives, and use command words.

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With these tips, you should notice the difference in lead generation and CTA performance. Be willing to split tests and experiment to find the best CTAs for your audience!

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