How To Detect A Bad Car Battery

When you search online, you will come across extensive articles on dead car batteries, but it can confuse you with numerous wrong information. It’s not difficult to understand everyday car problems but figuring out signs of a bad battery can be painful.

      How To Detect A Bad Car Battery?

When the issue is grave, it’s always better to consult an expert car mechanic. Golf cart batteries naturally don’t die a sudden death. It starts to wane out slowly, eventually collapsing. There might not be any early red flags that would prepare you. If your battery is more than five years old, replace them.

You don’t need to dread the silence of dead batteries anymore because this blog will go through some of the most typical signs of detecting signs of a bad battery.

Warning Light On The Dashboard

You will find a warning light on the car dashboard. It is a good indicator of failing batteries. Some cars are equipped with a dedicated battery icon, while in others, the check engine light might come on. The dashboard light shows the signs of a bad battery and your need for a quick replacement.

Old Battery And Slow To Start

The age of your battery is the most expected indicator of failure. Most batteries start to show signs of erosion within 4-5 years of usage. So, if your batteries are older than that, consult a qualified mechanic. He will advise you whether you need a car battery replacement.

Slow starting cars are another excellent way to detect dying batteries. The battery is responsible for producing the power necessary to start the engine. So, if there is not much power in the battery, your car will be slow to start. It’s a good idea to get new batteries soon and get it checked out once the car is slow to start.

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Car Clicks But Won’t Start.

When your car makes a crank or click but refuses to budge, it can be a sign of a bad battery. Many drivers blame the starters, but in nine out of ten cases, it’s the engine. When you find yourself in this difficulty, you might consider using jumper cables or jump-starters to start. Once your car starts again, disconnect the lines and let your engine run for 30 minutes.

Do a little test at home before starting your car. Most batteries will be sufficient within a few days. But if it doesn’t, consider replacing them sooner.

Erratic Car Behavior

Sometimes your car might show eccentric behavior, which can be signs of a bad battery that need replacement. Your battery terminals might be loose, broken, or calcified and under this scenario:

  • Check out the car cables first because they are the chief troublemakers.
  • Make sure cables fit firmly and shouldn’t wiggle. Also, the wires must not be falling apart, and if it does, it’s time for a replacement.

Consult a mechanic to get your car battery diagnosed thoroughly. Pay special attention to the alternator, lights, fuses, alarm, radio, and choking battery life components.

Heavy Calcification In Car Battery

Suppose your engine is making a screeching noise. Open your hood and take a look at your battery. You might notice a blue film coating usually at the positive terminals; it shows that your battery is giving out acidic fumes and are hidden signs of a bad battery that might need replacement. You should go a quick check between the post and the cable to measure your car’s DC volts. Clean your battery frequently, but the corrosion will eventually return.

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How To Perform A Car Battery Check At Home?

There are some quick and simple tests you can check to detect signs of a bad battery.

The Headlight Test

The headlight test is the quickest test you can perform to check your car batteries. Follow these guidelines:

  • Crank up your car and switch on the lights
  • Reverse the engine directions, and if they show the same brightness, your electrical components are adequate.
  • But if they are dimming, that means your batteries are running off and producing insignificant charging.

If you face these issues, it’s time to consult a car mechanic to replace the batteries. You will find a great selection of primary brand batteries when you search online.

If your car engine is idle for a few days, it can cause battery depletion. If your battery charges below 80% consistently, it can lead to electrolyte collection at the bottom. While it’s not easy to detect signs of a bad battery, you can at least take some preventative measures by taking cognizance through this blog.

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